I shared AZ law with a cop today


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10:29 PM
Apr 20, 2008
Phx AZ
I saw a cop so I hit the kill switch. I rode up to the car and showed him the AZ mb law. he said that he had never heard of it and he would share it with the other guys. I turned on my motor and drove away. This may be the way to prevent the abuses that we keep reading about. (btw I let him keep the copy of the law).
All states should have the AZ law. They say theres 6 million laws on the books so I can see where a human wouldnt know them all, but with folks like you astring youll make life a little easier for other MABs.
That is excellent- a polite friendly approach before a problem crops up rather than arguing after a confrontation- what a concept!

As an aside, in suburban/rural Indiana where I am, it seems like a 37 year old adult riding one of these things doesn't even merit a second look from the police, let alone being pulled over.
gotta luv the pre-emptive strike!

hough'..."adult" being the keyword...in our case referring to road-attitude and not age.

astring, that was a pretty bold move, worthy of respect...it sounds like you got some, too. thanks for the post :cool:
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Adulthood is not necessarily determined by chronological age. Those who know me best say that I was 40 years old when I was a teenager....didn't like implication then, but it's growing on me now.
This is awesome. I hope all of you in the MB-friendly states will take action like astring to spread the word.

I'd do this everyday if my state's laws were in my favor to do so, but they're not. ☹
I love it. I've now a mind to go to my state patrol (a mile away from here) on my bike, with copies of the laws and MB.c Stickers, to speak with the officers and the Vehicle inspecting officers as a goodwill campaign, to inform and involve... I'll have to plan this one as I can't wing it on this scale. Thanks for the inspiration!!! I'll probably also let them know about the H.T. issues, but that another thread in a different forum... ;-)
On the 4th of July at the fireworks show I talked to a lieutenant (a pretty high position) and he was completely familiar with the law and was curious about my bike. Super supportive. I feel pretty safe (from cops) around here.
I am feeling really comfortable riding around. I saw three cops today while riding and one gave me a friendly wave. Looks like I have nothing to worry about.

That being said I was not using a speedo for the first few days on my gebe r/s eho35, today I put a speedo on and I realized that I had been going really fast without a speedo (like 25 mph and not at full throttle).