I thank the a team for making me a M.B.er

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  1. anthony1973

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    When I was 9 and seen murdock,hannibal,ba barracus,and face build a tank out of a riding lawnmower,wheel rims,and scrap sheet metal In 30 minutes or build a helicopter from beer cans,duct tape, and fan blades.I was Inspired to build motored bikes and go carts.I thank you A-Team:bowdown: btw.The real names of the actors on the a team are Dwight Schultz,George Peppard,Mister T,And Dirk Benedict.Dirk also played on battlestar galactica as starbuck.Wonder If he had anything to do with starbucks coffee shops:idea:
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  2. anthony1973

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    Come on now.Nobody here as a kid or teen ever got Ideas from watching the a team or mcguyver? Be honest.
  3. Tinker1980

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    More stuff from macguyver for me.
  4. professor

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    My son told me a couple of years ago that I was a McGuyver.
    Didn't know if it was good or bad. He said it was good, then told me about the movie.
    There's probably some McGuyver in all of us here.
  5. anthony1973

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    Well professor when I was 9 I tried to take my grandpa's riding lawnmower and turn It Into a tank.Needless to say It was not as easy as ba and murdock made It seem and I ended up with a disassembled lawnmowre and a good cussin and switching from both my grandparents and father.Then when I hit 13 I tried the mcguyver bazooka made from a car muffler and did like he Did In the show.That stuff blew up and lucky me I only lost my hearing for a week and burnt the heck out of my shoulder.The thing blew both directions and scared the pee out of me.And my father busted my bottom for that one then even worse.My mother got a hold of me for taking her muffler off her car and ruining It.I still tremble with fear when my black belt momma gets mad to this very day.Thank goodness I am her baby boy and she lets me by with more than my dad did.
  6. anthony1973

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    I sometimes miss my childhood.Wasn't smart enough to know that this stuff only works on the shows.Not In real life.
  7. GearNut

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    Aaaahhhhh..... The learning curve of childhood.
    How lucky I am to still have both of my eyes and all of my fingers.
    Yeah, I too tried to build some crazy devices that were inspired by the A-Team as well as MacGyver. Most of then ended up in me learning what did not work. I was a determined little twerp though, and I eventually got many to work well.
    Then one day I got a Briggs and Straton powered mini bike.
    The neighborhood was ****ed, and it went alot faster than stock when I was through with it. :D
  8. anthony1973

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    I got a few things to work.But the lawnmower tank transformation was stopped cold by my grandparents.And the bazooka was a flat out flop and earned me a rear busting by mom and dad.Still.I thank the a team and mcguyver for their Ideas to make me what I am today.