i think i found the chuck norris of magneto coils...

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by shell shock, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. shell shock

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    So, I'm Canadian, that being said, it is very wet and slushy here (snows melting.. YES!) and what a perfect time to be lazy about sealing the grommet on the coil wires... (didnt do it..). bout a week ago i was taking the HT for a coffee run. about 1 min from home (going back) the engine kept jerking at low speeds.. got home, unloaded the coffee and went to looking at the bike. instinct told me to look at the magneto... water gushes out of the magneto cover when i unscrewed it... fusk... ok fine. to be optimistic i told my self "let it dry it'll work", so i went inside and ordered a new one to be safe. bout an hour later, i tried to start the bike. started on the first try, like nothing happened. over the weekend took her for another ride, and no problem. last night i had a fuel line burst on me and gas went every where... including the mag case XP.. still ticking! any one else have this luck? (ps, gas and water damage was found after running the engine, which should have fused the coils... ^_^)

  2. Dave C

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    Yah, one of the first things I did after opening the box was snap the cheap Chinese fuel line. It's brittle:poop:. Walked to the near-by motorcycle shop and got a new gas line and filter. The filter that came with the motor the element was rattleing in the holder.

    Good stuff:ack2:
  3. ibdennyak

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    I must have been an evil person in a previous life. There could be 2 drops of rain 3 miles away, and I would fry my coil. Even Chuck Norris doesn't like me. :poop:
  4. shell shock

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    ouch.. do you live in a humid area?
  5. ibdennyak

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    heh...Juneau, Ak. A temperate rain forest......precipitates about 320 days a year. I have personally seen 61 days straight of 24/7 rain. Only time the rain quits is so the snow can start. :annoyed:
  6. Dave C

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    ...I would have to move. Boise, Idaho is a high plains desert and we can go MONTHS without rain or snow. I get into humidity and I feel the moss growing in my lungs:ack2:
  7. shell shock

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    i have a suggestion for you. take window sealant strips and apply them on the mag case and put some silica packs on the casings wall (you know, the kind you get with shoes)
  8. motorpsycho

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    here's a real simple solution:
    don't ride in the rain or snow.
  9. shell shock

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    lol, as simple as that would be.. that wont fly w me. its snowy/ slushy here for four months on average. i need to get to work and school. i cant let some snow ruin my commute! ^_^

  10. maltese guy

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    a solution i've been using and works great is,file a slot at the lowest point of the magneto cove,so that any water that seeps inside just finds its way out.most older motorcycles use this method and it works
  11. shell shock

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    sounds good! though i would put a flap on to keep water from being shot in
  12. keatonx

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    my dirt bike dies whenever I go through a river. The water probably is killing the spark as the ignition gets wet. Geez, I hate it when my bike quits in the middle of a river!
  13. crowvise

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    this post may be late but just use gasket sealer. on both sides of your gasket. and on all your gaskets.
    don't cut any holes. water will get in there after awhile of riding through puddles of rain/slush.
  14. shell shock

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    DERP *FACE PALM* thats... so.. simple.. why didnt i think of that? *mutters and heads off to auto store*
  15. DuctTapedGoat

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    I've used silicone and hot glue on different bikes at the wire point where they come out.

    Hot glue worked better than silicone, the silicone traveled - despite being put on both sides.

    The stock grommet sucks. :(
  16. My magneto randomly stopped working one day. Good thing I had a spare.
  17. shell shock

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    i envy you, my "noris" coil died tday T_T.. i need to get to school!