I think I have a good modification - white wire to operate lights

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by rumme, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Im not sure if anyone else has done this or recomeeneded it on this forum....

    The white wire that somes of the magneto/ engine can be used to operate lights or a blinker. I put a multimeter on it and it puts out about 5 volts at idle and supposedly goes as high as 7.5 volts when accelerating, so it is a 6 volt system.

    since most people may not be riding these bikes at night and not need the d.c current for a light system, I thought it could be used for something else.

    Since heat can be a enemy of these small air cooled engines , and stopping at red lights/ stop signs, etc is when these engines most liekly get the hottest because of lack of airflow from riding, couldnt a 3-4 inch ..six volt fan unit be mounted under the gas tank/ top frame member, hooked up to the white wire and have the fan constanly blowing air directly down onto the top of the engine ? I would think this would help keep the temperature down on the motor a notiecable amount during times the engine is running but the bike is not in motion or is only moving at a slow rate of 5 mph or so ? This should also be a good benefit when using these engines in the 90 + heat of summer months. Having a fan driven breeze of 15 + mph directly blown onto the engin top/ fins should help reduce motor temps by at least 10 degrees or more IMHO.

    does this make any sense ...or am I sounding like a stupid newbie ? :rolleyes:
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  2. In theory it sounds good, but the power you draw from the white wire takes away from the power that is sent to the CDI to produce a good spark. Not so much voltage as amperage.
  3. rumme

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    I would imagine a small 6 volt fan unit wouldnt draw to much in the way of amperage though...would it ? and one could always gap their spark plug a smaller gap size to compensate / help get stronger spark ?
  4. The little lights they use are only drawing millamps and most you have to start the motor to run lamps. You could give it a shot after we get your engine running right.:eek:
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    From what I've read, the absolute maximum power you can draw is 3 Watts (.5 A)

    And, this requires you to re-gap your spark plug to account for the weaker spark.
  6. rumme

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    yeah...you got that right...still doing the same thing...spent over an hour on the carb....
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    lol i made a thread about the same thing kinda...and i got told bad =(
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    Hold on, guys.......There's nothing wrong at all with thinking and tinkering and innovating.

    Good for you both for doing that. You don't sound like stupid newbies at all.

    My own feeling is that this idea sounds good in theory, but is likely to be of no use in reality. But what do I really know about it? Not much. I haven't tried it.

    So if you feel like trying it, then you should. If you prove me wrong, I'll try to be gracious about it :)
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    I would think matching the muffler flange to the port by grinding or adding a plate between the two would help get the heat out the exhaust pipe and away from the engine.
    And done right could easily add power.
    Im a newbie too
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    Heres my 2 cents (1.5 AU)

    Does the engine need cooling in hot climates ?
    Would you need to work out a way to know the temperature of the engine,
    before doing this ?
    Otherwise, would it be a pointless exercise ?

    I have only questions no answers...:cool2:
  11. The power drawn fron the engine won't matter if you only used the fan when idling or stoped at a light, hook it to a on/off switch.
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    I hav'nt had any heat issues or concerns yet.