I think I killed it!!!!


Local time
11:10 PM
May 14, 2008
Alamo, TN
This morning I took my bike for a ride and after about a mile it just quit. No pop or bang or any noise, it just stopped working. I lost compression because I could push the bike after that with the clutch all the way out. Anyone have any ideas of what to do from here? I hope I haven't killed the whole thing.

I'm going to go out and look at it again and see if I can see anything else.

thanks for the help.
Glad that I got here before anyone else did. The master link on my chain broke and came off. don't know where it is. Have to get another one. Sorry to be so dumb folks... should have looked a little more before posting.
Geez, crab man, quit scaring us- so many of us want you to have a great time with this that when you report these issues, we get scared for you!
Thanks stude13. I didn't know that... I'm learning all this stuff as I go along. And HoughMade, sorry to scare you man. I always think the worse. I just should think and look a little before I leap and post. You all have been so good to me and I really appreciate it. Really!!... I'll look more before I post the next time... promise..

So you lost your entire chain? I'm glad you didn't get hurt. I had a chain master link pop off on me (it was my stupid fault) and the chain whipped around and cracked my engine block and almost took out my leg.
No, I still have the chain. Just don't have the master link anymore. Sounds like the master link coming off can be dangerous. I'm feeling pretty luck right now. Sorry you got hurt on yours. Guess we all need to check our chains every now and then too.

Yeah, I keep an eye on my chains now, especially on the MB. I was riding my mountain bike a couple of months ago when the chain broke and came up and slapped me in the back. That was a little painful. Now I always check the master link before I ride.
Ouch! bet that hurt... I bet you do keep a good check on your chain. I'm going to have to do that myself. I just found a master link for $1.50 but the shipping was $8.50! Think I'm going to try to get that locally. The net is tearing me up with shipping cost. Does anyone know what size chain we have so we can ask for a master link to fit it?

hey. check any local hardware store. ask for a #415 size masterlink. thats the one. its probably like $3-5 not sure.

have a good one