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    Ahoy Chums!

    I'm Outa-Spaceman from Bognor Regis on coast of the muddy island of Bligthy-on-Sea.
    I've been building my first-build for about 4 years now.
    The trouble being selecting the right frame.

    I was inspired to have a go by that picture of a Felt 1903 I'm sure everyone here is familiar with.
    I want'ed to put 'Brit' twist on my build as these machines were very popular here during the 1950's.

    Initially I did try a 'cruiser' type bike but there were so many obstacles to over-come I abandoned that idea and got an old postal delivery bike.
    Turns out the frame was bent beyond sensible repair so that got dumped as well.
    The only place I could get a 'traditional' English style bicycle (if I didn't want to pay a King's ransom for a hand-build Pashley) was from India.

    So, to build a British looking MotoredBike, I have an Indian bicycle with a Chinese engine.
    Go figure.

    Anyway, today was the break-through when the beast actually ran for the first time:

    I still have a lot of work to do.
    I have an old lawn-mower fuel tank to fit and several guards but, tomorrow I'm going out to give it a **** good thrashing up and down a country lane that the forces of law and order have yet to discover.

    Pip, pip,

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    Welcome back :D