I think I may have started a new trend in my little town of Homer Michigan

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    After seeing me zipping around on my "weed wacker" bike...my friends and neighbors are either building their own, want me to build one for them or atleast help them...so I have a few extra engines and a couple of bikes laying around and soon I'll get the pleasure of seeing people riding and enjoying something I helped start (in my town)...I kinda liked being the only guy in town with one of these but I'm glad I have been an inspiration to others...I recently modified my flywheel to accept a knurled bike peg...lost some low end but boy does she scoot on down the road once it gets going!!! I love my little 26cc powered mountain bike :)

  2. Anton

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    The kids in my town just stop and stare with their eyes popping out of their heads! Kind of like this - :ee2k:
  3. tooljunkie

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    all my neighbours smile and wave when i cruise by.
    the gentleman across the road had a kit given to him,doesent know wat to do with it.
    i sure showed him.
    maybe he will get on with putting it together.