I think this is another slippery slope I find myself on!

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    Came across your forum in researching for my latest project ( a Full sus mb with a 6hp techumseh using the cassette gears).
    Occasionally I go out to my buddy's house to ride in the fields with the boys from work. My old trail 90 is kind of sluggish and cumbersome + I have to trailer it out there.
    While eyeing my 24 inch bike, I thought, how about putting the Toro motor on the bike? Then I could just put it on the bike rack and go. Needs to have gears though!
    I say this is a slippery slope because the tractor slope got me. Have a few of them now.
    Really gotten into biking more since getting a htTrek as a 40 yr gift from work. My first new bike in more than 40 years. It replaced the 5 dollar police auction road bike, nice Raligh but you are really safer being able to dive off the road without bike damage (and in relative comfort) at any time.
    I put a sus. seat post on the trek, along with getting rid of the fake "seat" (designed for people who don't use them?)and made some bars to get an upright ridng position but, the old 24inch rides SO much better.

    Was in Wallmart and saw a Mongoose alum.FS for 75 bucks "As is" , nothing noteable wrong with it. Couldn't resist buying. Now it has the mods I did to the Trek- made bars, decent spring seat, made a rack for the back.
    Before I went anywhere, I coated all shinny and black metal parts with clear paint spray (rust resistance). The back brake needed adjusting and the rim was out about a sixteenth. Oiled anything that moves. I love this bike! A real "Comfort bike".
    Now, I am riding supposedly to keep in shape. But this motor thing on the road keeps fascinating me.
    I am in NY. nothing is legal here. BUT a thread with Machiasmort has me thinking. In the thread were thoughts about getting thru NY's hoops.
    Oh, my plan is to do a Youtube on the 6hp build.
    Looks like something no one else has done with full sus, engine behind rider NOT on rear triangle, using derailer. Alas, no petal crank- would have had to go to single speed for petals OR engine. Projected bike wt. 62#.

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    Builds similar to what you have in mind, have been done before. Your in the right place for help!!! Some of these guys are real smart!

    Your biggest obsticle is going to be gearing the bike to a usable ratio. One of our Brother's down in Florida is messin arround quite a bit with that set up. Will be able to advise, I'm sure!

    If you don't find him, I'll put you in touch through the site here, I'm in a hurry right now to get out of the house!!!

    I PM'd you, if you get a hold of me, I'll let you see my bike in person, will help you with ideas, I'm sure...

    "I am in NY. nothing is legal here. BUT a thread with Machiasmort has me thinking. In the thread were thoughts about getting thru NY's hoops."

    I take great satisfaction that my name was mentioned there! Isn't that the way they make everything in this State! LOL!
  3. Welcome to the forum. I grew up in the Buffalo area. Buffalo,then South Buffalo,then Hamburg in Locksley Park across from Hamburg beach. Now I live in the San Antonio,Texas area since 97. If you have any questions give me a holler. TTL