I took off the terrible chain adjuster and threw it as far as I could. Now I'm happy.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kit, May 27, 2014.

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    I'm definitely not the first to come up with this, as I was inspired somewhere on-line. But thought mentioning here might help someone else.

    I hated my chain adjuster pretty much from the start. Crude, and difficult to make work well I thought. Even trying to lift the chain to tension, then tighten the nut is hard, particularly as there is a huge sized screwdriver slot (instead of a nut, with which at least you'd have some chance), on the wheel side.

    After 10 months of regular use, my chain adjuster resembled a worn out nylon blob. The chain had worn a side almost right off it, and had started to rub the steel of the adjuster bracket. This caused the master link to snap one day and meant an un-planned leisurely ride home, fortunately on the downhill leg of my short commute.

    I have since binned the lot, and instead brought myself a 415 half link, as well as a few spare master links. Easily available on ebay for a few pounds. I cut the chain to the right length, added the half link to get it perfect, wriggled the engine mounts a bit for final adjustment, and oiled it. Now the chain just runs from the engine to the sprocket and back un-interrupted.

    Much better. I've ridden several miles now with no trouble at all, with the chain remaining to the tension I made it.

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    If there is no need for one then simply do not run one, they are handy when you have to re route a chain to clear the frame or brake calipers etc etc.