i totally dig this ****.

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  1. bully

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    i have recieved my motor. i am awaiting my mount. soon, it will be so on.

    i've lurked here for months, and have used all my knowledge gleened from you, my forebearers of fruit to make this build go smooth. i have not drilled the downtube.

    thank you's!

  2. srdavo

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    Hey guys....we got another "reader" !!

    good for you! :D

    Welcome to MBc.

    "forebearers"..... that's good. I like it!!


    Enjoy the Forums!!
  3. Mountainman

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    that's a good THING

    that's a good THING

    welcome bully

    let us know how your MB THING rides

    have fun be safe as you ride that THING
  4. bully

    bully New Member

    o.k, i got it all built, and experienced 10 or 15 minutes of serious happy time. it was cold tho - so that was a good first ride.

    i have to say, all i learned from reading others trials and errors really helped. in my build i'd say a few things required a couple effords.

    1 - the clutch. it was confusing how hard it was to move the drive gear - seemed like something was locked up. NEWBIES - do as suggested - take out the spark plag to relieve pressure while feeding chain on. as for the clutch itself, it requires a pretty good deal of pressure to engage, so get the cable adjust pretty taunt, and LOCK THAT SET NUT TIGHT - or it will loosen.

    2. The carb. after attaching cable mechanism, when returning the plunger thingy, note there is a little nipple thing INSIDE the carb that must line up. This cause 20 minutes of sticky throttle, til i took it back apart and noticed the mistake.

    3. The chain - tensioner too. first, if you have access to a chain break tool, use it. i banged the pin out old skool style. MAKE sure when measureing the chain BE ACCURATE to avoid having to take another couple links out A SECOND time, as i did - HA! ALSO, really get the tensioner in perfect position, and TIGHTEN THE **** out of it. this part ain't like the cast areas where over tightening is a concern. i hadn't tightened mine good enough, and on the first little ride, it was twisting inward a bit. could of been a catastrophic fail - so pay close attention to the details.

    Other than those things though, it was all good. fired right up.

    my advice is to forge forward. if you stumble on something, like with me - the motor 'SEEMING' to be locked up - it never was - it was just me unfamiliar with this particular style motor.

    Basically, don't stop. trail and error will work for you too. read up on this sight - devour the info prior to even starting. become versed on all issues others have had - learn from your FOREBEARERS OF FRUIT!!!!


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  5. cooltoy

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    glad to hear it Bully and yes, those are all common problems. I remember my chain tensioner going into my spokes and having to buy a new rim. It was such a bummer because I was not able to even start the bike at that point. I had no clue what I was doing.
    Don't forget to tighten up all the nuts and bolts after riding for a few hours. I think I did that about three times before things seemed to settle down and stay put. Waterproofing your electrical, including your sparkplug wire is also a good idea. After that I was able to ride in the rain and snow without cutting out.