I Want A Transmission!



i had a frame mounted 2 stroke and the thing broke. since then, i have decided that im not going to invest any more money into these things unless someone comes out with a multi speed transmission that will allow for both torque and variable amounts of top speed. i also will not buy another kit untill this includes a 4 stroke engine. so

has anyone seen a kit that doesnt require welding? even if it does i might consider it still becuase i recently bought a welder.
If i may add my unsolicited endorsement here... the SBP kit is great and works just as promised. Having the transmission is perfect for optimizing both hillclimbing and top speed. I am having an absolute blast!
pablo, i was really hoping you would say that about the 4 stroke. ill invest my money when you work something out for that engine. i REALLY like the design of your jackshaft kit. needs a name though. like the jackrabbit kit, i dunno but i got really excited when i saw it but i need to be able to pull start it. 2 strokers have always been hard for me to start.
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I'm thinking the answer is a Lifan 50 cc engine complete with trans and electrical for $320. Amy I wrong?