I Want A Transmission!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by skatingsamurai, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. i had a frame mounted 2 stroke and the thing broke. since then, i have decided that im not going to invest any more money into these things unless someone comes out with a multi speed transmission that will allow for both torque and variable amounts of top speed. i also will not buy another kit untill this includes a 4 stroke engine. so

    has anyone seen a kit that doesnt require welding? even if it does i might consider it still becuase i recently bought a welder.

  2. Pablo

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  3. Mountainman

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    Pablo -- some fair pricing going on there -- thanks for sharing

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  4. QuadManiac

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    If i may add my unsolicited endorsement here... the SBP kit is great and works just as promised. Having the transmission is perfect for optimizing both hillclimbing and top speed. I am having an absolute blast!
  5. pablo, i was really hoping you would say that about the 4 stroke. ill invest my money when you work something out for that engine. i REALLY like the design of your jackshaft kit. needs a name though. like the jackrabbit kit, i dunno but i got really excited when i saw it but i need to be able to pull start it. 2 strokers have always been hard for me to start.
  6. Pablo

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    The name is Shifter Kit. I know, not exciting, but we paid a marketing analysis company $6.4 million for the name, so we felt obliged to use it. :cool::shock::grin:
  7. WHAT, 6.4 million???? holy ****
  8. Pablo

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    I was only joking. It's Sunday after all.
  9. Mike S

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    I'm thinking the answer is a Lifan 50 cc engine complete with trans and electrical for $320. Amy I wrong?
  10. Torques

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    That motor with pull start will not allow the pedals to pass by on the vast majority of bicycles out there. The pedal at the top of the pedal stroke will hit the pull start casing.
  11. QuadManiac

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    I have that motor (recoil start AND centrifugal clutch). It's about 6 7/8" wide, FYI. Even with the wider crankshaft/crank assembly that came with Pablo's Sick Bike Parts shift kit, the engine's too wide... so I raised it above the pedals and made a new front mount. Works great!

    Also FYI, the rope used in the pull start is sub-standard. Mine tore after maybe 100 pulls. Replaced it rather easily with nylon sheathed poly 1/8" from Home Depot. Seems as if it's going to last a lot longer.
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