I want one! Italian Moped Engine on a bike!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Skyliner70cc, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Skyliner70cc

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    Does anybody know this person or know how me mounted this engine to his bicycle. It looks great and I want one bad but don't want to reinvent the wheel regarding his fabricated mount.

    Here are his comments regarding his setup that replaced a happy time engine:

    Morini S5K2 50cc moped eng, had to fab up my own mounts but it works great AND is actually faster than the old 80cc Chinese wonder it replaced (and MUCH quieter mechanically).
    I have approx 50miles on this bike now with zero issues. Centrifical clutch and a lighting coil built into the magneto for a headlight..cool huh?

  2. fetor56

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    What's the price of this 50cc 2-stroke engine?
  3. sparky

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    Not for commercial sale... Italian engine made back in the day.

    I could have sworn somebody was selling an Italian engine similar to this on ebay or MBc.
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    Hi Guys, This looks very simular to the pocket bikes driving around the pits at Brainard Dragways up here. I have seen them up close and they might be a great canadate for motored bikes. Plenty of power for headlights. May come with blinkers and a digital speedometer. Automatic, tuned pipe, snappy. Also you can get he whole bike for as cheap as 169.00 Search "Pocket Bike" on the web and there is a ton of suppliers. Many with free shipping.

    I noticed that dude on youtube had it mounted high. I wonder if thats to clear the pedals? This has got me thinking.....Thanks


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  6. Skyliner70cc

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    I'm sure there are Chinese clones out there. I just want to know how the heck he mounted that thing.
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    That is definitely a pocketbike engine. 49cc one from a chopper.

    I have the beast version of that engine, mines mostly polini race parts and watercooled. Just need to figure out a few more things in my head before grafting it to my old pushy.

    Oh, Im a new member here so a big hello to everyone :)
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    Probably the closest match is the Morini S6-E, 2.5 hp, automatic transmission. Apx. $400 at the herdan.com site, above.
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    Look greats costs much more but I am sure it is reliable