I want to sell, Asking price?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by adrian101, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. adrian101

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    Below is my motorized bicycle. I have put a sh#t load of time and money into it and not long re built the top end. (new piston, cylinder jug, head gasket) also new clutch pad, bucking ball and bar. so its basically still new. I want to sell it to start on a new build thou don't know what i should ask for it?

    Any ideas?







  2. hybrid

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    It looks quick. How fast does that bike go? How much $ would you say you have wrapped up in it? Probably give me a better idea so I could give you a better opinion. Nice looking work.
  3. MikeJ

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    Place a few ads in the local swap-and-trade papers to get a feel what the free market will offer. I hope you get your asking price.

    A really strong recommendation: Don't let anyone "test ride" it. It will not come back in as good a quality as you lent it out. Sometimes, the bikes don't come back at all. Demo it for them. Or they can purchase it for full asking price, "as is" after they see you ride it and hear it for themselves. And make that clearly understood, preferably in writing.

    A bit harsh? Not at all. I don't lend my vehicles out to anyone at their request. Only if I ask them to use on my behalf it do I turn over the keys.
  4. hybrid

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    I just sold 1. I'm making the guy sign a liability waver. True story. And, he's a FREIND!
    I'm also spending an afternoon with him riding. I'll have mine and he will have the one I sold him. Really just want to make sure that he knows what he's doing before I send him home with one of these. Just things to consider. You got a good looking runner. I'm sure you'll have a chance to take some offers for it.
  5. adrian101

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    51mph (80 something km/h) on perfect flat road with no head winds. Takes a while to get there but it does reach it.

    I know how much to the dollar... $1,024. That's everything plus spares (spark plugs, Extra boost bottle, extra clutch pads, exhaust and inlet gaskets)
  6. hybrid

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    With the exhaust and boost kit I could easily see it doing 50. As far as the money thing....You (and me) will probably always end-up putting "in" more than your going to get out of it in terms of money. There has to be a market for these and right now and that market is small. However, every time I stop by a filling station ($4+ gas), I think more and more of how people might start gravitating towards said "market".
    I'd stand tall somewhere between 800 and 900 dollars....Mybe even start at $1000.00 to give yourself some buffer in case you need to let someone talk you down. Just an opinion though.
  7. hybrid

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    That 36 tooth sprocket has to be giving it an extra little ZIP too!
  8. RedBaronX

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    I test rode a bike built by a friend of a friend, and she copied my driver's license and had me sign a liability waiver as well, and I was not even remotely bothered by that.

    A local guy had a bike stolen by someone who was test riding it-- the kid biked to his house on what ended up also being a stolen bike... So yeah, YOU ARE NOT A JERK if you take precautions to keep it from getting stolen by potential "buyers." Honest people will understand; dishonest people will give you sheet for being paranoid.
  9. RedBaronX

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    Oh, and yeah, as for the price-- unfortunately you really won't get much more than what you put into it for the actual parts. The only people who stand a remote chance of making money on selling whole MBs are people who get parts wholesale, and even then the profit margin is low.
  10. gothicguy64

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    bike =249 (cells)
    motor =240 (mbb )
    bits =150
    love an time to build =priceless plus 10 a hr maybe 3 to make

    brad syd
    ohh my rse was over 1500
  11. motorpsycho

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    whenever you try to sell something like this, it's very hard to get your money back out of it.
    unless you are abe to get parts at wholesale like redbarron said, or you happen to find the right person willing to pay what you want because they HAVE to have it.
    I have about $500.00 (not including my time and all the custom parts that i made for it) in my o.c.c. chopper and i would sell it for $600.00 if someone offered me that much.
    My time is worth more than $100.00, but sometimes if you want to get rid of something such as a m.b. you may have to take a little bit of a loss.
    it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and what you have in it doesn't really matter to the buyer.
  12. Big Red

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    Asking Price

    Hey Adrian, Nice Bike.
    I've been selling bikes for a while and I'll tell you how I do it.
    First, ALWAYS have them sign a liability waver, even if it's a good friend. If their in the hospital from wrecking the bike, the insurance co. will insist on going to court. Just print up the standard one all the supliers use and substitute your name.
    Second, Get their I.D. At least the number off their D.L. They may not live at the address on the D.L. but the cops will know their new address. I've even had them leave their car key's. Their not gonna leave a car behind,(unless they stole it too.)
    Thirdly,(is that a word?) CASH, CASH, CASH. If the buyer is serious they will come prepared to BUY. You want to TEST RIDE the bike? Lay down the cash. Then if they don't want the bike,(and it came back in the same condition it left), they get their money back. If it's f^$k#d up then they bought a bike. At the very least a refundable deposit. Hopefully enough to fix what might get broke.
    Last but not least, HELMET, ON HEAD. I have a spare one I keep just for test rides. (their not using my personal helmet.) You WILL be held liable if the guy crackes his head open and you let the dude ride without one, even if theres no helmet law in your state.(insurance co's again)
    But I'm afraid Red Baron and motorpsycho are right, You almost NEVER get what it's really worth. After parts & labor &&& all the love put into it, the economy still blows. I ALSO think you should start at $1000,00. Give yourself some wiggle room.
    But you gotta work it how it works for you. I'm just letting ya know how I handle things. There are WAY TOO MANY scammers and theives in the world
    and ya gotta do everything you can think of to protect your s**t.
    My 2 cents,
    Big Red.
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    I'm asking $450 for it. Reason is i want to purchase a Franco Morini SS engine (which is $400)