I want to try to use may leaf blower engine???

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Ok i want to do a rack mount , here we go . I want to try to make a motorised bicycle out of my leaf blower engine. it is a 4 stroke engine. runs perfect. It is big leaf blower it is one of those that has a back pack on it it. I was told it is almost 40cc. So i know it will work for a bike. The only problem that i run across is me being new to this kinda stuff but i'm sure it needs some kind of gearbox. Because when i start it ,the propeller is moving way to fast to be on a direct sprocket, so i'm sure that would not make the engine run being so much of a slow revolution on a direct sprocket. I was wondering if i would need a gearbox and how do the gearboxes work. My only conclusion of a gearbox is the more throttle you give it the more the friction plate connects with the gears. Is that what a gearbox is used for?????. Do i Need a gear box??? And can i use this one on ebay?? http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Stroke-SkyFir...ryZ11332QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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Ok after doing some searching on here, i think i found a way to do the easiest install. Most people that i had saw on here uses a shaft that rest on the wheel. My only concern is if i would make the shaft perminatly resting on the wheel, wouldn't that make the engine stall everytime i stopped the bike?? Would that hurt the motor in any way? Also i'm guessing i wouldn't need the pull start to start the bike if it was perminatly resting on the wheel
If you build the motor mount so it pivots, you can raise the friction roller off the tire to stop without killing the engine (I think iride posted a cool example).
so basically the weight of the engine is the only friction the shaft has to the tire???
If the engine weight is not enough, a spring could be incorporated.
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