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i had them fix the problem with the last post that they put in and now the dallas post is next but its great because my phone has been ringing off the hook to day
Here is the text of the article.


CS company outfits bikes with motors

Eagle Staff Writer

Gaijin Motorbikes of College Station sells and installs 38-cubic-centimeter gasoline-powered bicycle motors that require neither a motorcycle driver's license nor registration. (Bikes equipped with motors larger than 40 cubic centimeters require a motorcycle driver's license and registration.)

The year-old company offers a kit for $200 or will install the motor on a customer's bike for $240. Gaijin also sells a complete motorized bike for $310 to $370, depending on the bicycle model.

Gaijin installer Justin Stancil has outfitted 35 bicycles with the motor during the past year and personally uses a motor bike to deliver food for Potato Shack.

"The bikes do 30 miles per hour and get from 160 to 180 miles per gallon," Stancil said. "I have more than 5,000 miles on my bike."

Stancil works out of his home and asks that anyone interested in learning more or having a motor installed on a bicycle make an appointment by calling 422-8338.

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Larger than 40? That seems so unfair.
Good thing we have the 38 cc Happy Time!!