I was just hit by a car

Apr 1, 2016
To Who It May Concern I was just hit by a car. The hit and run! I didn't see anything coming I was hit from the rear end shop from the street over the grass and landed on the sidewalk.
I lost one of my lenses for my glasses my right knee is completely scared of road rash and bloody The gas tank was upside down that's why I keep it loose so it doesn't snap if I crash.
Bustrd mirror grass all stuck in throttle brakes clutch everything all over the place.
I was out for a minute or two when I came to ,,,, assess the situation set LED bike rideable then started it didn't realize I was missing one of my eye glass lenses until I got home thank God I was wearing the helmet please repost this as a warning to other people I'm hurt pretty bad


Jul 31, 2016
I hope you have recovered! That's the scariest thing! I take it you weren't able to get a plate number? And they didn't even stick around to ensure you were ok?!

I was pedaling and had a near miss on a bike friendly street with "Share the Road" signs everywhere. She tried passing me on the right when we were making a left turn, I was ahead of her car. I don't know how I saw her seeing I don't have a mirror on that side but I did just in time. Boy did I yell! Not that she heard me because she sped off.


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Nov 25, 2010
I would recommend having one of those blinking tail lights made for bicycles but I don't know if they are allowed.
They certainly make bicycle riders more visible.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. At least you don't have any broken bones.
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