I welcome our new Radioactive Overlords.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spad4me, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. spad4me

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    I am currently placing Godzilla traps throughout the yard.
    A stout cardboard box, a stick, 50 feet of string, and a bait tray loaded with roadkill goodies.
    I hope to catch a young one and train it.

    The only problem is the neighbours keep eating the bait.
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  2. ibdennyak

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    Any luck yet????? I can come down and pick one up personally to save the shipping. :D
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  4. spad4me

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    The jet stream shifted. The radiation cloud only got to Bakersfield California !! RIP. This seems to be OK as I was running out of cheap bait.

    The new jet stream forecast places the Aleutian islands as the beginning with southern California as the end of the radiation cloud.
    I will probably be buying one from you soon.
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  5. spad4me

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  6. ibdennyak

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    Can do. I'll probably have to get 5 bucks though. Have to fight the bears for the road kill. :ack2: And that is pick up only. Ferry system don't allow no exotic beasts.