I will call her Black Widow.

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    Hello all,
    My Name is Robert Gray. I live in Oakland CA. I got my motor bike kit, the HT, i believe, and have just mounted it on a Chinese city bike. I have not started it yet, I broke the spark plug cap trying to get to snap onto the spark plug. I have done my research and will soon upgrade the spark plug and boot to a better style. I have not upgraded the fasteners nor added the loktite. The bike I have looks like Raleigh Tourist. Black with chrome and rod brakes. That's why I am going to call the bike Black Widow. I don't think these are good brakes. I have photos on my computer, and I am going to try to use them correctly into this post but I sincerely apologize if I mess it up. Great forum and thanks to the moderators.


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    welcome :)
    cool old bike !!!
    those brakes are trippy ;)