I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem

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    Those words were written long before Israel was brought back from dispersion and made a nation again (after more than 2000yrs.- an event without precident in history - in fulfillment of OT prophecy).

    Coincidence= before the recent disasters in Australia, its' leader came out for the division of Israel and Jerusalem.

    Coincidence= the U.S. now has a leader who stated to the Egyptians "See what I will do to Israel". Proir to the storms which came on America.

    Skip ahead to Ezekiel 38. Amid the nations listed which will come against Israel (for their destruction) Egypt is not listed and neither is Saudi Arabia (Sheba).
    Egypt has had a peace treaty with Israel for 30 years and the Saudis want to be distant from the maniacs of Iran.
    To me, this also indicates the current attempt by the Muslim brotherood of terrorist supporters to take over Egypt will fail.

    These armies are specified for destruction: Persia (Iran) Ethopia, Libia, Togarmah (I think that is Turkey, which has recently embraced radical Islam in govt.)

    Coincidence= all these are Moslem and hate Israel (it is a teaching in Islam that any land once ruled by Islam is the target of Jihad until it is brought back).

    We do not know when this attack by Islamists will come, except that the stage looks set now.

    It is interesting in the text, that God declares that He will actively bring the invaders to "His Land" for the purpose of revealing Himself in their destruction, as nature is turned upon them and they slay each other.

    The release of this justice has been building up for a long time.

    When it comes, I wanted you to remember it was told beforehand.

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    I agree and I have been watching.