I wonder if swine flu is OhBahMah's Katrina......

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arceeguy, Nov 1, 2009.

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    The news this morning showed pictures of mother with their babies waiting in lines that stretched around the block. They were all waiting to have their children vaccinated for the swine flu. Many are being turned away because there isn't nearly enough vaccine for the number of people wanting it.

    Imagine if GWB were president, and the swine flu "crisis" happened when he was "on watch". All the libs would be screaming that GWB was personally killing people! MMMBHO gets a free pass in the media though.

    People are smart though. We can figure out that if the gubmint can't even deliver a flu vaccine for a flu bug that was identified last year, they don't want the government providing them with health care. They'll be waiting in lines, just like all those moms and their babies.

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    Change is in the air Brother, just hold on AG. I hope it ain't too late! The NY R Party just announced it dumped one of its candidates for being too Liberal. The same article said over 50% of Americans favor the advent of a 3rd Party at this point in time... Didn't site where the info was comming from tho... I'll try and post it!

    Couldn't find article, was in Yahoo news... But, the race is officially Dem VS Conservative! Might be a NY first!

    Swine flu is not going to be his Katrina... Jobs will, until he puts a Million new police on duty inorder to calm civil unrest when the Dolar finnally collapses!

    Copper pennies were worth 1.98 cents there for a while last week! It's a good barometer man!

    here's the article! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091101/ap_on_el_ge/us_third_party_candidates
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    Wow, they did site the source, "Indeed, a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released last week found that trust in government is at a 12-year low, and half of all Americans now support the creation of a new political party."! How do ya like that!!!