Ia s torque converter an "automatic transmission" ?

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    I am building a Schwinn Meridian Trike with a Staton gear set and a Honda 1.6 HP engine. Knowing what I know now ( That I could have gone as high as 4 HP) my thinking is that I will build this Trike and sell it quickly, and then start over again with a 4 horse engine. My question is, does California consider a torque converter ( Variable ratio automatic drive train) to be an "automatic transmission" and therefore permissible? Don't factory Mopeds ( I have not seen a Factory-made MOPED in quite some time) have torque converters?


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    A Honda 1.6 HP engine is too underpowered to overcome the losses in a torque converter.
    What torque converter were you planning on using?

    The issue of "automatic transmission" in CA is a non issue as cops on the street if they
    even know the CA mb laws do not care what kind of gearbox you use on a single speed engine.
    but a torque converterwould definitely comply with the rules.
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    I think my post may have been unclear. I will sell the current trike with the tiny engine, and start again with a 4 HP engine on a new build. The torque converter would be for the 4HP engine, and I don't have a specific torque converter in mind. I would really like to have enough BPH to run a generator or alternator for the electrics, and also an electric start. Mostly, I wanted to make sure that torque converters have not been specifically outlawed.

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    I run an autoshift on my bike. I've read the laws in many states. Many say automatic transmission. The original intent of this clause was to limit the speed of the vehicle.

    Some states go as far as to say no manual clutching, no manual shifting of engine driven gears and no external shifting devices for shifting engine driven gears. The no external shifting devices clause came out as a result of simi automatic drive systems. For now there are no laws in the USA states which say the bike can't shift gears completely and fully automatically.

    So to technically be legal it can't be a simi automatic drive system in many places. As others have told if you obey all traffic laws the cops aren't going to bother you.
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    The answer to your question is yes and yes.