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    The "ICE" title on the other thread got me thinking. Has anyone ever ran a studded bike tire? I see them for sale online but my friction drive would prevent me from running one. If the studs didn't push through the tire from riding on dry ground it would be worth it! Imagine cutting through the snow and ice lol. Freeze your butt off though.

    LOL just found an HTer with homeade screw studded tires.


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  3. My and my friend made one out of Nuts and bolts. Then put a thick layer of silicone to prevent the tube from being punctured. Its worked great for a while, but fell apart after alot of pavement miles.
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    Thats what i figured would happen. I wonder how long the nokian or kendas last.
  5. Pretty sure they use the same/similar studs as car tires and they last like 50 000 km.
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    I used to go riding in the snow years back when I had a MTB.

    The commercially made studded tires work way better than the home-made screw ones. The commercial ones are expensive though, $100+ each. Get the MOST studded ones, not the ones with one row down the middle.

    If you ride gently on level ground, studded tires make riding in snow so easy it's almost boring. They don't wear out on pavement at all, as long as you ride really easy.

    Even so-
    they won't help on deep fresh snow, or broken up ice or packed snow, and-

    you can rip the studs out on hard edges. You can get extra studs and keep screwing new ones in until they won't stay in anymore.

    They are meant for ~15 mph pedaling though, not 45+mpg motoring. I dunno how long the studs would hold in at that speed.....