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    After having my 66c flying horse engine throw the crank balancer into 3 pcs I decided to order another Grubee 66cc as a replacement. I set it up in a Supercycle Cruiser frame which fit perfectly. Once set up I took er to the alley and she fired up on the third try.But as most members here I have a crb issue that I am working on. The engine has great power but will not idle. Yes I have read the threads and checked the intake and exhaust connections which are all good. I have played around with the idle screw, cable adjustments at the carb and throttle but no change that allows it to idle on its own. I cut the throttle cable down as it was to long and have a feeling that the Cable housing maybe be too short not allowing proper pull . This is where I will put some focus on for now. Other than the idle issue she run out very good