i'd forgotten all about the "bike" part



ok, so the engine's not running, boo-freekin-hoo :cry:

during my 10-yr career as a "retired" veteran, i've owned a bicycle for 8 of them. nice ones, too. the first one i already had, a '93 diamondback "outlook", large frame...when i finally beat it into the ground, i replaced it with an extra-large '99 specialized "expedition." i pedaled that one everywhere for 4 years straight in florida. believe it, for a 49yo coot, i'm in pretty good shape.

2 years in boston, i didn't bother getting a bicycle & i really missed it. i was only here on the peninsula a month when i made my plan to motorize one, and i've been zoomin' around for the last 4 months. never pedaled except to start it. then it broke.

for the last 3 days, and for the next week, i'm once again pedaling everywhere. the engine ain't running, but i'm by no means out of commission. my clutch is adjusted for zero-drag & the engine chain's well-adjusted, too. the only added drag is the extra weight.

5-speed, banana seat, and pull-back handlebars make it easy to accelerate, i'm even catching the "little boy" in me pulling wheelies when i'm not looking! btw-the "little boy" in you woulda loved the 24" sears 5-speed spyder i rode in my early teens, high-rise shifter with a cast aluminum mickey-thompson shiftgrip, homemade extended straight-tube forks, 20" front wheel, pedaling "sabrina-II" reminds me so much of that bike :)

and, tho it's not making any noise, the kids at the elementary school still all run to the fence when i pedal by 8)

so, i figured i'd mention i've learned a pleasant lesson: when you "motor" your "bike" you haven't given up the "bike" at all, you've only made it more kickash :devilish:

ps-because of my situation, a fellow MBc member offered to help with a spare CDI. unless he speaks up, he'll remain anonymous...but i have to say this is the tightest online community i've ever been a part of, you guys rock!


So sorry to hear about your motor situation dude, I've been in my own space for a while here, so I haven't really been around. If i had known, you'd have had a cdi lickitty split!
Take 'er easy bro. and keep us updated...