Idea: Sidemount engine

Discussion in 'Motorized Recumbents' started by Jax Rhapsody, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Jax Rhapsody

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    Now it may have been done, thought of already, talked about. But I had been thinking since that one guys build up thread. Insted of stretching the wheelbase so much, how bout mounting the engine on the side of the recumbant so that wheelbase stretching is minumal to none? Then You could counter-wieght it with a side mounted fuel tank.

  2. GearNut

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  3. Jax Rhapsody

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    Thats about what I was talkinig about.
  4. reb1

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    You could use a staton gear box and run it through the regular gears on the recumbent. Lightfoot does this on one of there recumbents.
    I do not think that there would need to be a counter weight to balance on the axle mount or the one lightfoot shows on there web site.
  5. strotter

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    I have that staton axle mount. Love it!! Only negative is changing rear tire or tube.