ideal for a lighting system (take a look)

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    ok i have a question ..... i am not good with electrical but i had an ideal..... ok we have all seen the gens that ride on the tire but when u stop the light dies.... ok well what if i could put some kinda batt on my bike and hook a gen to the motor some how..... would it keep the lights on and be able to run a head light and a tail lights...........

    i have had the outher ideal tu us a gen sorta like a chain tensner.... just a thought..... i would love to have a small lighting system on my bike....

    tell me what u think..... but like i said i am not good at the electral...

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    for Billy270

    I'm not trying to be a smart a**,:rolleyes7: but You must have posted without reading.

    Go here dude and READ! This is my lighting system setup.

    This question has been answered MANY times, and there are many dfferent methods, from many different people to accomplish what you desire for your machine.

    People will probably not answer your questions if theres an answer posted and available for you to easily read. Everything you need is here if you read. YOU MUST READ.
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    there is no such thing as a dc dynamo. you would have to run a rectifier between the 6v battery and teh dynamo. that is all. You would have to do some calculations to determine battery size in amp or milliamp hours. vs current draw of the lights.
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    Not to dog pile, but there is also this:

    Search is your friend, not food. :grin5:
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    Ok Unior, I see your point. Its showing through your hat! I guess Merriam-Webster is wrong, or you're in need of some schooling son. Please see definition b. from the dictionary.

    That definition indicates that a "Dynamo" can be constructed to produce either AC or DC current. Get your facts straight before you start in on someone dude.

    Dynamo: 1 : one that generates: as a : an apparatus in which vapor or gas is formed b : a machine by which mechanical energy is changed into electrical energy
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    If a brush DC motor is used as a generator, it produces DC. The brushes/commutator keep the polarity from reversing.
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    keep it simple..
    just buy a chrome AA battery powered headlight off e-bay for like $20.00.
    throw away the incandesent bulbs, ditch the 2 AA battery holder that comes in it.
    install 3 LEDS in place of the 2 incadesent bulbs, (2 in the center aiming forward, and one in the top aiming slightly down). get a battery holder that will hold 4 AA batteries, and wire it all to the switch so all 3 leds come on at the same time.
    you will have 3 led's running off of 6 volts, for a fairly bright light at very little cost, that looks super cool.
    This is how i did my headlight, and i have about $15.00 wrapped up in it. I bought the headlight used, and had the leds and battery holder laying around. the leds i used are from a flashlight, and the 4AA battery holder is from an r/c truck. the battery holder fits inside the headlight housing, so there are no wires anywhere outside the light. you can take the headlight off the bike, and carry it around like a flashlight if you need to.
    it took me about 20 minutes to put it all together.
    i don't ride at night very often, but when i do, this light has plenty of power for me to see where i'm going. of corse i ride in a neighborhood where there is no traffic.
    those friction dynamo's will not last at the speed a m.b. will go.