ideal for lighting


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Jul 13, 2008
why not strap a mobile power pack on the back of your bike then you could plug just about any thing on your bike and you get about 5 hours of power before you have to plug it back into the wall and you can get them on sale cheap at canadian tire thats what i got just got to set it up will show pic of it when i get it set up:D


Apr 13, 2008
It would work but if you took it apart you'd find a simple sealed lead acid 12 volt battery in there.

Depending on if you got it on clearance you might get a better deal than just the 12v SLA plus charger esp if you have to mail order it. I got my 7.5 amp hour SLA for $20 from "ed's batteries" a local guy who sells mostly car batteries but a few others as well.

But I'd be afraid of a power pack type thing getting ripped off and it could be unneccessary weight with the inverter etc onboard.

There are lots of 12v lights etc so you don't need to step the voltage up or down which introduces inefficiency.