Ideal rear end (derailleur, hub, chain) for a shift kitted bike..

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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to figure out exactly what will be needed besides the provided parts in the shift kit. The bike I want to use is a cheapo Repco Scout RD0189
    So I've got a couple of questions I'm hoping some of you that have built a shift kitted bike can help me with,

    Will any Shimano derailleur be ok? Any recommendations/part numbers?

    The kit comes with 410 or 415 chain for the jack shaft I believe, should i upgrade the chain on the rear? And if so would I then need to upgrade the front and rear sprockets? Once again recommendations/pn?

    It says in the manual that the rear hub needs to be either chromoly or quick release, Will an alloy quick release be suitable?

    That will do for now, thanks everyone in advance.

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    Wish I could help you, the only thing I can do is post to this, move it back to the top of the list and hope one of our Brothers sees it...

    I think you'll b-OK w/your derailer and chain set up...
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    The other bike I;m looking at using, which i beleive to be an all round better cheapo bike is the Atomik Storm -

    Gears Shimano L-RS41L/7R Steel
    Front Derailleur Shimano FD-TZ31 Steel
    Rear Derailleur Shimano RD-TX30 Steel

    My only concern with that one is the shape and diameter of the seat tube
  4. ash_mz21

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    I've recently been dealing with one of the new 4-stroke shift kits and will do my best to answer your questions. Yes any shimano rear derailleur will be just fine. Front derailleur will be in the way and can not function with the shift kits freewheeling crankset. The chain shipped with the 4-stroke kit was a KMC 410 chain, and was to be used for the right side drive from the jackshaft to the front driven chainring. The left side chain could be either 415 from your origininal motor kit, or the 410 that comes with the SBP Shift Kit. As for the normal bike chain to the rear freewheel or cassette it will be fine no upgrade is needed. The front freewheeling sprockets are specifically made to fit the flanged freewheel that either goes on the right side crank arm in the case of a 2-stroke kit or on the special hub adapter that goes on to the keyed BB spindle in the case of a 4-stroke kit. As for the rear hub, what they are asking for is a chromoly rear axle. Most nutted rear axles on Dept. Store bicycles are not chromoly, and will very likely bend under the torque loads produced by the motor. Most rear hubs that come with Quick Releases do have chromoly rear axles. As for the quick release its self I'd personally be sure that the Skewer is a steel one and not an Alloy one.

    I can't comment on either of the bikes you mentioned as I have not seen either.

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    Thanks for the reply mate, That'll help me pickout a suitable bike :)
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    Make sure to lube and locktite the small roller sprockets on the derailleur.