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    I offer a few observations that my fellow motorbikers may consider:

    About a month ago, I installed an RT carb on my HT 2 stroker. It is definitely an improvement on the stock NT carb. Mine was leaky - I could never get that float right. Now my bike rides much more consistently and the throttle action is smoother and cleaner. It wants to run rich at WOT. I fight this 2 ways. 1) I start with the petcock closed and run a few hundred yards before opening the fuel flow. I figure this keeps the float bowl fuel level lower and keeps the cylinder a bit hungry for fuel (leaner). The other thing I did a while back was use a needle valve as the petcock so I can adjust fuel flow on the fly. 4 stroking at WOT? I just close the valve off, ride a bit, then slowly open back up. When I am in a high traffic, slow moving situation, I make sure to have good fuel flow slow the engine can always be ready to go when needed.

    I made my own clutch cam out of a Grade 8 3/8" bolt. It is about 3/4" longer than the stock ones and that added leverage makes a big difference. This is a big improvement!

    Also, V-Brakes are good enough - at least when it is dry. I went to WallyWorld and bought 2 sets of V-Brake pads for less than $10. My bike stops on a dime now. I can stop real fast with rear brake alone!

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    put a leaner main jet on it
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    Yes! I will use a smaller jet!