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    The pictures below are of my friends bike. The engine is from Taiwan in the 1990's-- it is hard to read it's identity-- i think it says Jap or Zap - sorry ill try and get better pics -- it comes with 26 plastic rims --it is 30cc and it's 2 cycle -- he has a brand new one in the boxes and also a parts engine which he is selling without the bike-wants a grand which i think is too high --whats it look like ?

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    engine id

    the make is Rotary. engine made in Taiwan . Google search and you will find a dealer in australia who sells parts for them .hope that helps
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    parts for rotary engine

    2/27 ACE CRES,
    TEL: 02 4351 0345
    EMAIL: hope that helps
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    Looks like a cool setup! Where did he get it?

    A grand does sound like a lot, then again these things sell for $1550 (aus. $).


    They have pictures of the innards of the thing. Looks to be of decent quality (if looks mean anything). Wet cent. clutch. Crank looks to be balanced. Cylinder & head look similar to those on a puch moped engine.

    They state "200 watt output at the wheel, low power high torque" with an explanation of how/why they got that figure. I like how they achieved that (perhaps someone could re-calculate a HT's power output in that manner - "but officer, it only has 200 watts at the wheel"). I wonder what it produces at the crank?
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    He got it directly from Taiwan on a trip there!