Carby identify and help with carb

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by a.graham52, Sep 21, 2013.

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    i see "c-32cns66-epa" written on the side. is this a "cns" carb? it doesnt look like the ones posted in pictures on other threads. i know the needle is NOT adjustable which is a bummer. if i put a washer under the needle it runs fairly strong but 4 strokes top end.

    if i remove the needle it doesnt run well at all, then remove air filter it runs just alright.. but runs really good at top end.

    i know and understand how to adjust the jet, but what about the needle? and is this carb even worth messing with?

  2. Purple Haze

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    Yes, that's a CNS, the # is an EPA cert. number, so they can sell em in Cal. My advice is to remove and practice your best overhand fastball with it and get a decent carb, u, nless you enjoy endless cerb tinkering. In the end, you'll have a carb that performs almost as well as a stock NT. I recommend the "speed carb" for cheap, the Dellorto clone from thatsdax for a better upgrade, or go all out and get the very tuneable Walbro, which is pretty pricy.
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    thanks for the heads up. iv done some tweaking to it and will probably continue to perfect it untill next season. iv dropped way too much money into this bike already to just "put it up" for the winter in a month. on to shopping for carbs haha.
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    I have a 66cc grubee Skyhawk and have found this carb to work rather reasonable on it. I have rode about 20k on it and adjusted it to preform quite well. I have read that the 49cc does take a bit of time to tune. This carb gives good acceleration and good travel speed.
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    Yeah iv got the 66skyhawk gt5. I'm 250# and in had my bike doing 26 mph on level road. I also need to verify my speedometer with a gps.