Idle Adjustment Screw



How do I adjust the idle. It is a howel motor 48cc or 50 or whatever. At the trottle grip or at the Carb. Also, what is up with that screw on the carb. The one with the spring on it. also, there is a little metal thing that looks like a primer from a gun next to it like a little button. What is that? Finally, what kind of clutch do I have, and is it okay to ride it to get the bike going good, or will it burn it up? It is a howel motor How many horse power do I have. Sorry about all of the questions. I am just stoked about my bike.
i think the spring-loaded screw is idle, tho it acts more like a mixture screw.

the little metal thing is a bowl vent, don't know much more, but i promise to research it.

you have a plate clutch, slow engagement is best.

HP? i've heard many different claims...anyone know for sure?

please, anyone knowing more than this...speak up.
Don't know if this is true for all kits, but my King's motors kit has two adjustment screws for idle, one on the top of the carb where the clable goes in, and one on the throttle where the cable goes into in. Basically, they adjust the length of the cable outer sheath, as the inner cable length is fixed. The adjustment screw on the side of the carb with a spring under it, should be the mixture screw. As with all two strokes, you want to adjust it to prime (most power) and then unscrew a bit so it does not over heat, especially on break want it so rich it almost four strokes.
My kit has the spring loaded screw for the idle, and then you can change a setting on the pin in the carb if you want to mess with the mixture.

Dax 80cc kit

Lots of useful information. I can not believe that there are this many people interested in these things. I have not had this much fun since I sold my AK 47.
considering how into your bike you are, i for one am damned glad you got rid of the weapon 8)
i was so worried about a low idle that i had NOT brought the top adjuster out far enough...thus depriving myself of full-throttle, can't wait to get out there and check it out!!!

all of us deserve a pat on the back, this forum is really good shtuff, eh?!!!

80 mile report: using 40:1 pre-mix, had to retighten plug and head bolts, gutted muffler*, followed above info about carb.

another 8-10mph, no s**t!! i buried the needle on my analog speedo, translating to about 38-40mph :devilish: :devilish:

* if you drill more than one hole, might as well just cut it off at about 1.5in, same flow capacity either way, wutta nice throaty characteristic that gave the exhaust, not too loud at all 8)