Idle pin adjustment

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    hey everyone.. ive been posting for a bit now and been riding for just as long..

    The one question i have, is my idle pin i adjust it all over the place to see if i can get it to purr, what is peoples adjustments on them??
    when it idles does it idle loud (high rpm) or quiet (barely alive).

    also for the throttle adjust. on the happytime is the pin and threaded top all the way down, or adjusted up??

    ill try to take some pics to better demonstrate, but could really use the help.. thanks all!

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    Well, I adjust the threaded top enough to take the slack out of the cable.

    As for my idle adjustment, what I do is start the bike then ride only a few yards or so to some convenient spot to park for a few minutes of warm up. This is almost always at full or near-full choke. I adjust the idle screw (clockwise) until the engine is "spinning" at a moderate rpm. As it warms up I adjust choke and idle down until it'll idle at a nice speed. My warm-up time is about one cigarette. (One advantage to being a smoker. There aren't many. :)

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    well mine rides great.. fires right up.. and idles great, i just wanted to know the optimum idle rpms/sound if its about to take off or sputtering or what...

    mainly i ask this to max. gas mileage and max speed.. the perfect spot haha
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    Well not about to turn off from idling to low but not idling to high either, turn ur screw slowly out, when u hear its about to shut off u turn it in a little bit and that should be a good level. I have my throttle on my carby screwed right in or it idles real high. I also had to loosen the cable going around my frame as i zip tied it to the frame to tight and it was pulling the cable. Well hope that helps.
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    a very slow idle with out being rough ??????

    take it out to where it starts to stall -- then screw back in a little

    want it as smooth as possible WITHOUT RACING

    I perfer a very slow idle with out being rough

    yes - that will take a while to attain Mountainman

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    Errrr, wrong thread...
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