Engine Trouble Idle problems please

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wan37, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. wan37

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    I have a Z80 kit.It will fire right up but no idle it either revs real high or dies,it won't idle for nothing,it's a nt carb. Plus no mid range or wot when clutch is released.Please tell me where to start to solve this issue.I know the throttle slide is in there right.It could be a air leak but it won't idle low enough to check it.Thanks a bunch.

  2. The_Aleman

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    It's most likely an air leak. These can be tough to get sealed. The split in the clamp that attaches the carb to the intake is usually the culprit.
  3. wan37

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    Thanks AL ,I got and o ring in it.I guess I will use some seal all in it.Would it cause no power in the carb.I can get it to go but it take a real long time to build speed.I wish it just would idle right then I could fine tune it.
  4. vermhot

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    You could have a bad crank seal or blown head or base gasket or even your intake gasket is leaking !!!!!!
  5. V 35

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    One way to isolate air leaks, is to wet down the manifold, than try the engine. If the engine speeds up, water is sealing the leak.