Idle Screw/Throttle Adjustments

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bumwaiter, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. bumwaiter

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    I have a GEBE 35cc Robin/Subaru. I have adjusted the throttle cable and idle screw on occasion, but i feel they are not adjusted perfectly.

    1. If I adjust the idle screw so there is more power at idle, will there be more power at full throttle? Tips for adjusting the idle screw?

    2. What would anyone recommend to getting the throttle cable and idle screw exactly how I want it, so that it is close if not identical to the factory settings?

    Since i've adjusted the screw and cable it seems to be lagging on hills. And i swear it went a little faster before as well. Any posts will be helpful.



  2. Mountainman

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    hi John -- I also have the Robin 35cc.. Noticed the other day that my throttle cable had stretched a little - didn't look like it was getting full throw at the carb - it can only go so far before hitting stop - so I took some slack out - full throttle now... Idle screw doesn't do anything except control the idle - to much in - too fast - to much out - stalls... I have noticed that my MB also seems slower -- I think this is because we are getting more used to riding - thus - just seems slower - at least in my case I think this is what is happening... Happy Riding from - Mountainman