Idle screw tightens itself

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  1. I have a new HT which I have run a little more than 1 full tank thru.IDon't know the exact amount of miles. The problem is that after shutting off the engine after a ride the idle screw is tighted up the next time I ride it (I can tell by the about-to-blow sound the engine makes when the clutch is disengaged). When the clutch IS engaged the engine sounds just fine. So far my solution has been losen the screw a few turns (well, duh).

    Anyone had a similar issue?

    No problem with air leak. The engine promplty dies at fully closed choke. It's little more than an inconveice, and my guess that vibration is the culprit.

    ...or michevious elves/gnomes/nesse or leprechauns.

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    Your idle screw has a spring on it...stretch the spring.

    BTW....for known culprits don't also forget Bigfoot/ET,& that ever mischevious Tooth Fairy.
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    get that baby snug

    couple wraps of teflon tape will slow it down also

    get that baby snug

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  5. Mountainman

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    wing nuts used to hold on shoes ???

    they work fine holding my shoes on ???

    ride that thing
  6. zetti_the_man

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    just a wing nut

    sticking to the topic...

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  7. The wing nut method looks pretty slick. What size/ thread bolt and nut do I want to use?
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    proven me wrong

    I was on topic
    I didn't think that the wing nut thing was a good idea
    it looks from your picture that you have proven me wrong
    still happenes many times
    even at my age
    excellent !!
    have a good day