Chain Tensioner Idler arm plastic roller replacement

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Freewheelin, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Freewheelin

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    Does anyone here know of another roller besides the pos stock one they give with the kit...Home depot/hardware store...mine stripped and the plastic is pretty chewed up...

  2. Freewheelin

    Freewheelin New Member

    A wider chain? Saweet!!..that set up looks an atv dealer down the street from me..gonna check it out for #41 chain and the tensioner
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    She Was A Sweet Sweet Treat

    that is for sure -- one of the best looking ones that I have seen around

    now why don't the kits come with something like that ?????????????

    notice the deep valley for the chain -------- SWEET SWEET


  4. Freewheelin

    Freewheelin New Member

    as soon as I saw it...made a ton of sense..deeper valley..wider chain...= less like to come off!! and gives the bike a smoother ride, along with reducing the noise factor...from what I've been reading on this sight and all the great insights...pretty soon the whole kit gonna be made in the good ole USA...and you and I won't have to worry about the kit falling apart!!! we don't need no stinking chiness kits...
  5. I got it all at Tractor Supply Co. Almost 1000 miles and no problems. It completely does away with the chain noise and slap. If you have any question Freewheelin, fell free to PM me....
  6. Freewheelin

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    You bet..thats a clean, tight one question for ya...They say the head bolts should be tighten down to 80 lbs after break in...mine are at 8-10lbs...I tried tightning them up but was scared I might strip the threads/nuts..80lbs seems like a lot..and the engine is only two weeks came with 8 lbs torqued heads? am I missing something

    HERPER Member

    ive been trying to order this set up off tractorsupply and they have been sold out for what seems like weeks! i want to get this adapted asapa and findn myself in front of a wall
  8. I believe the ratings are 8lbs for 6mm studs and 12lbs for 8mm studs....
  9. hot70cc

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    are you using ft.lbs or inch.lbs. Big difference between the two. 80inch lbs= 6.66 ft lbs. A simple misunderstanding on how to use a torque wrench will mess you up big time.
  10. Mountainman

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    no no no

    not exactly sure of your torque required

    but -- IT'S SURE NOT ANYWHERE NEAR 80 lbs

    until you know for sure


    why -- because we need our head bolts when we

    ride that thing !!!
  11. Freewheelin

    Freewheelin New Member

    I found a roller and spring idler system..may have to do some welding/slight mod on it..but it looks like the one I liked on this site...also will be switching to #41 chain..can't what..for that smoother quieter ride...On new engine I can top out at 32mph on a straight...seem to be running engine seems to like the colder weather..unlike its
  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    bundle up when you --- ride that thing

    they do just seem to purrrrr in the cold weather

    most air cooled engines really run SWEET in the cold

    so bundle up when you --- ride that thing
  13. hill climber

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    i tightened mine down to 17 foot pounds and finnaly dont have to torque them any more. they seem to be staying torqued this tight.