Chain Tensioner Idler Pulley Problems Help Please!

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  1. Hello all you gas heads out there. I am at my witts end with this idler pully problem. I have a 2 stroke 66cc china kit on a 1990 style huffy beach cruiser. Anyway the problem is when I go to start up the motor (rolling start) I get up to a good speed to pop the cluth and when I pop it the chain pulls the idler pulley into the spokes and trashes out the spokes then the motor fires up and the pulley bends back to it orignial spot on the frame and everything is cool. I have a ball bearing roller pulley mounted to the bottom bar frame next to the coaster brake arm. Also when I am at low idle speeds the tork from the motor wants to jerk the chain and it pulls the idler pulley right it the dang spokes again, but when i am at cruiseing speeds everything works perfect. I dont know what to do? I am pretty new to gas bikes and this is my first build and I dont have alot of money to buy new expensive parts. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks you all.

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    The tensioner bracket is not tight enough on the chainstay. I found that the kit bolts for this bracket are so soft that they'll break before they get tight enough. Replace them with harder bolts and nuts from the hardware store, and put a lot of torque on them.

    Beyond that, there are all sorts of fabrications you can do, if you have access to tools and maybe a welder.
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    You're a neighbor of mine. I live right across the river from you.

    But to the point; search threads here and you'll find all sorts of useful mods. You'll have a whole bunch to choose from.

    In fact, I posted a thread with photos a couple of years back with one possible fix. I think I titled it "Move your idler to the other side". It'll be something like that.
  4. what do you mean by search theads here to find all sorts of mods. for idler pulley ? cause i cant really find anything good to help me. can you help me find some idler pulley alternatives. thanks.
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    Look very near the top of the page you're on here. There's a blue line with a bunch of icons on it. One of them is labelled Search. Hit that and a drop down menu appears.

    Somewhere in there you'll be able to type into a box "idler pulley" (for instance).
    Hit enter and you'll get a list of all of the threads that discuss idler pulleys.

    You'll find a lot of info there.
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    If look at the idle tensioner in between the 2 bolts that bolt it down there is a small hole u can drill a hole through there through the frame to the other side then run a bolt and nut on that and now the tensioner will not fold into the spokes as long as that bolt is there problem solved