Chain Tensioner (idler pullley) Do you need it???



my pulley is shot and i took some links out and attached the chain directly. and adjusted the back tire as a tentioner. My question is will this affect the engine at all? performance, or hill climbing, engine wear.
Its better to run without a tensioner if you can. I can't. My bike has absolutely vertical dropouts.
The dropout is the space on the frame where your rear axle slides in when attaching the rear wheel to the bike. My bike has a mostly horizontal drop out, much like BMX bike, which gives room to pull the tire straight back to tighten the chain. Most newer mountain bikes and multispeed bikes have vertical dropouts that the wheel slides straight up into, rather than straight back. If yours is vertical, you will have really no way of tightening the chain on the engine side. However, some people get lucky with taking out just the right amount of links lets them have the perfect chain tension.
for all i know, th object of these cheap chain tensioners is to keep the chain from hitting the frams/swingarm, it relieves the frame from damage. all frames vary and some have enough space to just let the chain hang but others might have a tight frame and need that tensioner to keep the chain from beating on the frame. its happened to me and yes it did cause substantial damage (the chain edge was worn dramatically and the frame had a small gash where it was hitting:D)