If anyone could help me out or give suggestions.

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    I dabble with some independent documentary style films. And ive had an idea of doing like a week long ride document everything with the cameras i got. which im finishing up a different film as or right now so it will be after that, But what im wondering is how to go about in the MB industry how to get sponsors for such type event. and anyone else who is down. but i was thinking of camping hiking riding filming waterfalls swimming holes whatever. and the problems good things and everything in between on the trip. If anyone has any other ideas. This is going to happen soon no matter what just looking for some more insight if someone could help:ack2:


  2. Jdavis_0203

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    I thought i should make it more clear too of what i meant by sponsors for something like this. advertisement threw them cause i sell my films to documentary production companies. so i was thinking like having advertisements in the films stickers spare parts for free or something for name placements in the film just explaining what we are using who is making the trip happen all that good stuff.
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    I would suggest that you contact augidog on this forum, or perhaps bamabikeguy. There are others who qualify as experienced extended trip riders, but those two pop to mind immediately. Oh yeah - UnclePunk as well - he's done coast to coast in the past.
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    Thanks for the suggestions on who to contact i will def. try to contact them shortly and throw my ideas of those guys. Thanks again