If I go past 22 mph, it a high pitched whistle....



comes from the engine, sounding almost like metal on metal, so I just don't take it past 20 mph, cause I don't like hearing that sound.

Anyways, what is making this sound? is it normal. It is 20 degrees F here in Wisconsin, so I don't know if that is due to cold weather or what. My ratio for oil to gas is about 1:18

Does this sound go away with break-in? Am I doing it right to not let that sound happen, I ease off on the throttle until the sound goes away, that sound comes in at about half throttle.

I am also curious as to what the lowest speed you can go with the throttle not really even twisted is, my bike will not go lower than about 15 mph, is that normal? if not, what do I have to do to fix this?




Ours sounded pretty "whiney" too. If it really sounds bad look further, but if it is just kinda odd it'll be okay. I think it's the way the gears are cut, which would account for the metal on metal sound.

If I am not using the throttle then I'm not using the clutch either (rather, if I am coasting then I engage the clutch lever lever)

Check your idle screw, you'll want it twisted just beyond where it wants to die (the further in=the higher it'll rev; so try screwing it out a bit)


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Nov 4, 2006
Are you guys putting a little grease where the gears mesh, under the clutch cover? not a lot...justa bit, say the size of a navy bean. too much grease in there could get on your clutch and that would be bad. try this, it should quiet the metal sound some.


mine use to do it for a while but it stopped i think it was one of the bearings. it was annoying because i couldnt figure out exactly where it was coming from.


I use mine in the same cold weather and makes usual noise. So it doesn't have to do with the weather.
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