"****, If There Was One"

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    "****, If There Was One"

    Sure no preacher
    but I'd like to share
    of God's love for you
    how much he cares !

    Yes there are many
    who don't believe in God
    how could God take away a little one
    from us at what cost
    if this is the God to be found
    I'd rather be lost !

    And let's just say
    there was a God
    if that was to be
    why would he harm
    a perfect one
    such as me ?

    Good in all things I do
    give much watch my mouth
    how would that send me
    to **** at what account ?

    They just don't get it
    they don't understand
    are you really perfect
    not one sin in this Man ?

    Cause that's all it takes
    to send one to ****
    if we don't trust in Jesus
    believe in him and tell !

    You are deceiving yourself
    it's all just a lie
    the one who has the plan
    for you
    is the devil
    to eternally die !

    Eternal death means
    to be separated from God
    for ever more
    to suffer forever
    you will want to escape
    never finding the door !

    The door that can lead you back
    so as to change your mind
    but it will be to late
    to **** to bind !

    MM 05-18-06