If this has peddals,would it be a bike

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  1. graucho

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    This spring I said I was done doing mini's. Well im tring to do a combo MB/mini.
    Im thinking about welding a wide peddal crank set up on this stretch mini to
    turn it into a bike. Id have to remodify and add a jackshaft set up to add another rear sproket.
    I figured out a path for another chain to the rear.
    Its 7.5 ft long 8.5hp.and wont be confortable to ride since it is a crouch forward design.

    My question is... if this has peddals, would it be a bike? If no, it wont break my heart.

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  2. Mountainman

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    Hey graucho -- Cool looking bike !! Let's see - if it had peddals would it be a bike ? I am not an expert here - but if I may - give this a shot. Once you have installed the crankset, peddals, drive chains ect. - will you be able to peddal the bike for let's say a mile on the flat without using the engine ?? All that I know for sure is -- that's a NICE LOOKING CUSTOM BIKE !! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  3. Just add some pedals to the front wheel, unicycle-style. Would that make it a moped? ...even if they are hard to reach, or you need to sit on the handlebars?
  4. Yup. The real test is how easy would it be to pedal without engine. Almost daily i ride to my fishing hole that happens to have a path that goes around it. I don't dare ride it with engine for there's too much park traffic. So I shut off my engine.
    I'm starting to make a regular thing out of this. Today I went around that lake three times pedaling then everyone watched as I pulled my rope and pulled away from the park.
    If you gear it for pedaling then you got yourself an epic win.
    I'm assuming that's a centrifugal clutch? Then it should pedal rather easy.
  5. JemmaUK

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    In the 1970s in the UK and other fun places, there were alot of totally nuts mopeds around (7hp out of 50ccs etc), All of them had pedals, whether you could actually move the thing with them was another matter entirely.

    It was a sop to the law basically - that said anything with a pair of pedals was a moped and therefore usable as such. the law oddly didnt mention that the pedals had to work..

    Personally - if you are going to the trouble of cutting a frame and fitting a crankset etc and all the hassle that goes with, you might as well get the pedals so they work.. and considering the frame and mech - its 80% bicycle... but if you are hauling past a nice black and white Charger R/T special at 60mph - i dont think the cops are gonna be so amused..

    Basically - if the bike is pedal-able sensibly then its a motored bicycle. What you have at the moment is a self build moped/cafe racer.

    but it looks great..

    Jemma xx
  6. DougC

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    I don't know specifically about Mn laws, but the things I would want to know are-
    1) does the minichopper frame have a VIN#, and if so,
    2) does your state's own laws say that anything with a VIN# must be registered and titled to be operated on public roads (usually they do).

    I would also point out that most states (very probably ALL of them) have laws that state that it is illegal to remove a VIN# from a motor vehicle, unless you are replacing it with another state-issued VIN#. So you may not be able to just grind off the VIN and claim "it's a bicycle".
    Or, rather--you could go and do it anyway, but if the police ever figure out that it's a motor frame that supposed to be registered, then you'll get charged with obliterating the VIN#, as well as operating an unregistered vehicle.
  7. graucho

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    Yes Jemma, absolutely correct. Its not legal the way it stands. Peddals may classify it as bicycle but it will never be legal with a 8.5(250cc) engine. So says my cousin thats a cop.

    No vin# here Doug. My projects usually start as a big tubeular mess and somehow turn into something. it will never be legal with a 8.5(250cc) engine.
    I'll build it so I can always say I had a bicycle that could do 70. LOL

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