if you are new to motorized bikes then read this

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Sep 15, 2008
well the first big desision in chain or friction drive.

friction drive is simpler and is for the non hands on people
the chaindrive is better is more complicated but better here is a good youtube video
if you use the multi gear bike keep the back wheel gear setup and use the shifter u can make a fast bike
A home brew friction project would be more hands on than buying a chain (or belt) kit and slapping it on. I would not say one method is 'better' than another, they ALL have their strengths and advantages depending on the application. I would say the most important thing new people can do is read everything, believe nothing, and form their own conclusions. This post has some good material to chew on: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=10392

I do like that video, though, although removing the pedals is something that would never work for me.
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If you remove the pedals, you have a vehicle no longer classified as a motorized bicycle.

Son, I mean no disrespect but before you go handing out general advice to others, you might want to do a little more reading. At 15 it probably doesn't mean much yet, but try the MotoredBiking Laws & Legislation page also.
you can register it as a moped then your legal but then your supposed to have insurance but it's like $500 its ourageous.
and i don't think he means a kit the ones on ebay are worthless but build it from scratch thats what i did it (i have one with frictiondrive and it does wear out the tires) takes some determination but you can ride around and have some pride in what youve done
yeah removing the pedals is anoying

like the vid
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