"IF" you buy a Staton crankshaft kit

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    I recently purchased a Staton CSK , quite an experience. First off, as has been noted on this forum before the bottom bracket cups that he manufactures have poorly cut threads, ruined a $200 bicycle when they stripped out the BB. I should have listened. He has in stock Odyssey Euro cups that went straight in no problem, in a new bike that is. When I ordered them, yes I had to buy them after spending $700 on the CSK he failed to send the proper sized bearings to use with his spindle...Why ?? never even mentioned the difference to me on the phone...Why ??

    The following is the instructions provided for the crank assembly;

    The three spacers will also be on the axle with black tape holding them on.
    The spacers are:
    One: 16mm flat washer with a 17.15mm ID and 30mm OD x 3mm thick.
    Three: ¾ Snap Rings 0.40" thick each.
    Outer before the crank arm goes on. Add One: 16mm flat washer with a 17.15mm ID and 30mm OD x 3mm thick.
    Two: ¾ Snap Ring 0.40" thick each.
    Left Side: Add One ¾ Snap Ring 0.40" thick each.

    Wouldn't it be much clearer to just say;

    R= 1-16 mm washer and 2- snap rings
    L= 1- snap ring

    He spends so much time yapping about his machining prowess, WHO CARES ?? , I have a kit I need to get on this bike !!

    WARNING : Be wary of his BB cups, cost me a $200 bicycle, I thought he corrected the problem, he did not. RANY OVER :ack2: :ack2:

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