If you don't use the bike lane you can get a ticket

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  1. JinbaIttai

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    Just to give a heads up, the bike lane laws seem to vary from state to state greatly.

    In some states, it seems to be illegal to use a bike lane/bike path.
    In other states, if a bike lane is available, it is illegal NOT to use it.

    The Hawaii state law on this is explained pretty well in this news article:

    I know it sounds as if Hawaii is probably not a good example considering how isolated it is and all, but the thing is that the Hawaii state law reads almost word for word the same as the California state law as posted in this thread:

    The wording is really obscure it looks backwards at first. But this means if you don't use the bike lane in California you can be ticketed. And if California and Hawaii use the same wording, probably several other states do too.

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    There's some sense in that. If a bicycle lane is available, then cagers and peds wouldn't be too wrong for wanting the bikes there and not in the traffic lanes or sidewalks.
  3. Mountainman

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    I think that it's a great law

    to bad that we don't have more bike lanes here in Calif

    this is where a speed issue may come in
    should we travel fasted than 20mph in a bike lane
    no -- because if in an accident with any others -- in time may be kicked out ?

    as we ride that THING
  4. SirJakesus

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    The bike lane is available to us in NH. Since they're considered mopeds or motor driven cycles (depending on power and gearing) the bike lanes are available to them legally. Just don't forget to register... not that I've ever had a problem otherwise.

    Bike paths on the other hand are all posted "no motor vehicles" so I guess to be legal you'd have to pedal through them. Thats what the kill switch is for if you actually see somebody on an NH bike path.
  5. But that's where the loophole lies in these bicycles state to state. If a state states (cool) that you must be on a bike lane or you will be ticketed than that states in that state that you are riding an engine assist BICYCLE meaning they see you as a BICYCLIST.
    SO. If you are a bicyclist,then you can ride the BIKE PATHS as well.
    It's such an epic win.
  6. ZnsaneRyder

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    I ride the bike paths with the engine. I've never had any issue. Only had one old lady tell me it's not allowed, which I laughed, and kept riding anyway.

    If someone tried to stop me, Id make a run for it, I mean what are they going to do, chase you with a car down a bike trail, I think NOT!
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    But are we talking about bike paths or bike lanes? I wouldn't want traffic to sy that I MUST ride on paths, where available. But I'm okay with the idea that I must use a path where available.

    But on the other hand, there's practically zero bike lanes here. And very few paths.
  8. Mountainman

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    no bike path riding win here (Calif)

    no bike path riding win here (Calif)

    in Calif
    no gas motorized anyTHING on a bicycle path
    as as far as elect -- don't think so either
    many of the bike paths are well protected
    and a ticket would be fast coming

    ride that thing
  9. mabman

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    Znsane. While it is great to see your enthusiasm on here, the acts of defiance that you expel are less than helpful to the overall cause you know. That little old lady is somebodies mother and she has friends and they have nothing better to do than b***h about things and having you on their list will eventually catch up to you and perhaps other MBers in your town as well. It is not all about you buddy.

    MAB's are pretty much in a grey area everywhere at this point and the spots where they are highlighted come about from raucous activity and some overzealous cops too. But get those two together and the soap box comes out with rules and regs to follow. Used responsibly MAB's can be a great mode of transport for many people in the near future and the more that do the better for all but the actions of a few can spoil it for many at this early stage of development.

    I personally have found that while I used the Interurban type trails here almost exclusively on my pedal bike I don't feel the need as much with the Bumvee because I am so much more efficient on the surface streets. I am seeing parts of town that I have never been in before by taking new ways from here to there. The paths are the only safe haven from motorized traffic here and they should perhaps stay that way, if I use them now I only motor, and gently, if there is no one in sight and don't use the busier sections at all. But in some areas the paths are in place and totally underutilized I know.
  10. Mountainman

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    I have to agree with Mabman here ZnsaneRyder

    above noted
    #1 -- even if we do act such as you did in this case
    we should keep it to ourselfs
    there may be other MB riders who look up to you on this site
    we know you well enough -- that we think
    this is not a message you wish to send
    is this how we really wish to act and treat others ???

    #2 -- may be different where you live
    but -- here in Calif the pooolice have ALL RESOURCES NEEDED
    to track one down anywhere -- bike paths included
    and running from the pooolice here brings the following for MBer for sure
    impound MB -- big ticket -- and can be an evading charge

    let's try to be NICE TO OTHER'S as we ride those things
  11. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    I agree, if there is a bike lane, then USE IT! That's understandable.

    As you see, I'm not the only one who likes motoring on beautiful outdoor Bike Paths!

    YOU GO Large Filipino!!!! It's a BICYCLE, and not a MOTORCYCLE which is not allowed.

    EPIC WIN FOR SURE!!!! w00t!!!!!11 STAND FOR THE FREEDOM! :79:

    And we can legally ride motorized bicycles on the outdoor woodsy trails in FL, (unless stated like in parks only) just because some old HAG says it's not allowed doesn't make it so! Also, it was a bike trail 3 counties over, NOT in my town at all, muahahaha!

    However, it's easy for some get offended by ZnsaneRyder because he has the big motor, and he's "younger" (I'm not young anymore unfortunately, more like middle-aged) and isn't afraid to push the envelope, and has the BALLS to say so. If I had "55" next to my listed age, I'm sure I wouldn't ruffle your feathers so badly.

    All DUE respect folks, why keep it to myself, if she was not NICE to me, but was just MEAN and had nothing positive to say, and was jealous to be sweating it out on the bike trail. I was the NICE one by chuckling, and riding off, instead of telling her off and being mean in response. And my passive response is MEAN? I mentioned it because I found it funny, too bad others don't see the humor in it.

    And yes, I would run if bothered on a bike trail. It's legal to ride on for one, and two if you submit and comply to a BULLY, in my experience, you will most likely still get in trouble anyway, legal or not, might as well give em a run for the money. I mentioned the fact I've had NO trouble on bike trails, just some grumpy old woman on a bicycle, and folks get all offended over some open-minded forum discussion, geez........

    There is NOTHING wrong with defiance, and nothing wrong with rebellion. There is nothing wrong for standing up for your cause. There is nothing wrong with being HEADSTRONG. There is nothing wrong with not submitting to what everyone else wants, and there is nothing wrong with strong self-interest, because unlike selfishness, it's not screwing someone over to further your cause, it's just not letting others hold you down and control you like a good submissive "slave". :beta1:

    I've been called crazy, and insane, and I wear it proudly, I'm as INSANE and CRAZY AS THEY COME, or maybe I'm the SANE one in an INSANE WORLD! I'm craZy iNSANE - get it? put the two words together and see what you come up with :idea: :gunsmilie:

    Don't let all the repressions that were shoved down your throats since early childhood turn you folks into a bunch of grumpy old farts that are scared to do anything. Live a little, actually LIVE A LOT and stay young at heart!

    I'll be old and still be young -- In the Wise words of George Carlin -- I'm not an old fart, I'm an old fuĉk! :wheelchair:

    I love all you folks here, and MBC and the cause of motoredbiking, and I won't get offended if someone sounds rebellious. You all can hate on me and **** on my grave if you want, but I'll still stay positive and spread the love.

    Folks, If you look at my entire posting history at MBC, MOST of my posts are encouraging people that they CAN and to go for it, and the sky's the limit, saying lots of YES, and not telling everyone NO. THAT'S WHY OTHERS LOOK UP TO ME.

    There goes an old wise saying -- There are always people that tell you what you CAN'T do, but few that tell you what you CAN do.

    Ride the **** out of that THING! :scooter:
  12. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    Bike lanes are SO much smoother than sidewalks, that I only use the sidewalk if there is no bike lane, and even sometimes there is neither, so I'll take the side of the lane and let the cars go around like the speed-bikers (pedal) do around here. Some sidewalks however are really smooth and you can get some good speed, but those are rare.

    I was motoring on a sidewalk today and got PASSED by one of those guys riding in the road lane, so then I went to catch him, HOLY SH!! he must have been going over 30, I barely caught up to him before reaching the intersection. I admire those guys, those guys have huge cojones to ride like that all man power!!!
  13. Mountainman

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    hey ZnsaneRyder and other motor bike ones

    well -- you are right -- a motor bike rider has to do whatever they think right
    here in Calif -- at least for me -- according to the law -- bike trails are no no

    not one -- not to take my given rights and use them and enjoy them
    but I will admit -- going to court has gotten old for the Mountainman over the many years
    I have been there too too many times and today just for me I wish to

    ride that motor bike THING and stay far away from the pooolice