If you had $300 and a mountain bike...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by xlastshotx, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. xlastshotx

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    If you had $300 and a new hard tail mountain bike, you lived in a moderately hilly area. and were planning to use the bike very often. which engine would you get?

  2. stude13

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    id get a 47cc from minipocketrockets for 99bucks and a friction kit.
  3. loquin

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    If you're in a dry area, then the friction kit is probably fine.

    If you get rain routinely, a belt or chain drive.

    Do you want something you have to spen a lot of time tinkering with, or something more reliable? If you don't mind spending a lot of time with a wrench, a happy time kit should be ok.

    Personally, I'd wait until I saved up more $, & get a staton chain drive kit.
  4. xlastshotx

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    Thats a pretty good price... How is the reliability of those engines? are there mounting kits available or would I have to fabricate one?

    It rarely rains here... maybe 3 times a year rite now (southern californias in a drought)

    I do like/don't mind tinkering, I road dirtbikes and atvs for 7 years and street bikes for 3, so I have always had to tinker and rebuild things.

    How much are the Staton chain drive kits?
  5. Mountainman

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    I think that I would save just a little more - a little over four hundred - and buy yet another Robin Subaru 35cc friction drive. This little engine has been running so strong - 700 miles I think - no speedo.. Only problem that I had - was when I mistaked gas cans and poured in 2-cycle gas - ran a little slugglish - my fault !! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  6. SirJakesus

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    I agree with the above. $300 kits and reliability rarely if ever enter the same sentence around here. Get a staton for best reliability.
  7. stude13

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    hey guys. the question was 300 bucks. not fair!
  8. HI

    70 CC HT Plus a sprocket to suit you needs....Will still have $$ left over....

  9. NunyaBidness

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    my 70cc HT motor is running just fine, after I did some tinkering with it and improved some stuff. All the info I used was right here and it gives me no problems now and you can't beat it for the price, especially if you like to tinker with small motors.
  10. xlastshotx

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    Well I do enjoy tinkering with motors big or small... I general enjoy tinkering with anything though :p

    What if I got a 70cc kit (or similar), and a shifter kit to go with it? That way I would have the toque in the lower gears to get me up just about anything, but still being able to go fast on the straightaways when need be.

    Who all sells the shifters kits? Does anyone else make/sell them other than SickBikeParts.com?

    Also what does HT and CIF mean? (lol I am so new at this)
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  11. TWalker

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    For $300 you will almost have to go with a 70cc chingen set up, you'll have $100 left over.

    A shifter kit alone is $200.

    The next step up and it is a big step up is a Staton friction for $400.
  12. ozzyu812

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    The jackshaft at sickparts.com and HT from Dax. It may be slightly over $300.
  13. xlastshotx

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    hm, well I guess for now I don't really have any other option than a HT motor. Later on I will get the shifter kit to go with it. Now I just have to figure out who to order the HT kit from..

    Oh and does anyone know what is up with the engines that this company has??

    >There motor selections<

    I mean jeese, some of these engine push out 3+ hp and cost much less than any of the "bicycle'' motors that I have seen, and they have inexpensive and fast shipping.... Why wouldn't one of their motors work?

    This motor> here< would be awesome... unless there is something I am missing here.
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  14. ozzyu812

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    I dont personally have a HT. But when I get one I'm goin' with the best. Thats a DAX. If 50t sprocket doesn't pull you up a hill like you want you can get a bigger one from Andy, of custom sprockets.
  15. xlastshotx

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    So far everything that I have read about HT motors has basically been that they are all basically the same.. Chinese and not the most reliable things but fun to tinker with and inexpensive. I would buy it from DAX in a heartbeat if they didn't have that weird "Expedite" thing that bumps the price up to $277.00.. basically it seems like I am going to have to call around and figure out which place can get me the motor within a week, and not charge me $60 dollars extra to do it.


    I am really tempted to get this bb88x - GP460 4.2+ HP Engine w/Inner Clutch for $262 shipped (and it will arrive within 5 days.)... Why can't this motor be used as a bicycle motor? Couldn't I just get a HT sprocket mount this motor to a rear rack and run a chain from it to the sprocket? or is there something really different about this motor?


    I just found someone who did exactly what I am talking about with that exact engine and a DDM Dominator pipe...

    They used a GEBE Drive and I think they used a GEBE mounting kit as well.

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  16. ozzyu812

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    I assume this is your 1st build? I would follow the K.I.S.S. rule.( Keep It Simple Stupid) Get one the road. That engine certainly looks nice! I think there is more than meets the eye with fuel delivery in that pic. Plan on using that for your second build. All HT are basically the same what sets a Dax apart is the customer service. That extra $60 is a bummer, but I would still buy from them. Another thing, the sickparts set up adds to the life of a HT. Because you don't have to run the thing WOT. (Wide open throttle)
  17. loquin

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    The happy time engines have an internal 5:1 (apx) gear reduction, which allows the output shaft to run at a slow enough speed so that you can run a chain from the output directly to the rear sprocket. Pocket bike/scooter engines do not have that internal reduction. Some of them have a 3 to 1 external gearbox, but, then you would need a 60-70 tooth rear sprocket. (@ 300 RPM, on a 26 inch wheel, your rear axle will be spinning at a rate that will push you at apx 23 mph, @ 400 RPM, 31 MPH)

    Now, the sick bike parts jackshaft setup is designed to step the engine rpm down to about 100 RPM at the peddle. SO, you have reduction from the engine output shaft to the jackshaft input sprocket, and then from the small output jackshaft sprocket to the freewheel sprocket on the peddle. The total reduction is in the neighborhood of 60:1.
  18. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    BTW. Here's the link to an alternate friction drive maker. The hardware looks pretty sturdy. They do not sell motors with their kit; apparently they assume that you can get one online for less than they can stock them.

    It has some nice features, and appears to be similar to the Staton kit in a lot of ways.

    The first difference is that the staton kit comes with a sort of bell housing over the clutch bell. This one uses standoffs, and leaves the centrifugal clutch bell exposed. (it probably gives a little better cooling, though)

    The second difference is this friction roller has a built-in rachet mechanism, so that it freewheels. Also, an advantage (if it is reliable...) However, the friction roller uses a pair of set screws to lock to the drive shaft, which might tend to slip...

    For $189 + $10 shipping, you could do worse. Add a mitsubishi clone pocket bike motor, and you could get on the road for close to your budget.
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  19. TWalker

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    First off just a GEBE drive is what $300? Then start adding in the cost of your engine, time for putting it all together and you well over $500. That pic you sent is a nice set up but its not $300.

    The engine you like is a great engine, in fact I want to build one of those next, but its not a matter of just connecting to an HT sprocket and being done. You will need a drivetrain, aGEBE or Staton could work but either of those drives takes your whole budget.
  20. xlastshotx

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    Aw man I didn't think that the GEBE engine mounting kits would be that much..

    Maybe I could just get that engine and mount it using hopes and dreams?

    lol, or I guess I could just bite the bullet and go with a china motor and get the shifter kit a little bit later on.