If you live in a a motoredbike banned state like N.Y. please read this:

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    I posted this here because it is general and I wanted everyone affected to see it.
    I was serioully thinging of doing a super-covert motor on my bike and becoming an "Outlaw".
    Then I considered the recent encouraging ruling from Ill. and I thought- "Why not here".
    Political people are always looking for issues to improve situations on, and this one has "Green" attached to it. A big, politically correct bonus.
    ( I personally detest most of the results of the greenies- leading us into more and more loss of freedoms, however, I am willing to express the green value of power assist bikes.)
    My plan is to e-mail the following letter to state senators, assemblymen and the governor. If you are in NY copy the concept and repeat thruout the letter the idea of pedal with motor assist. You do not want your bike considerded a moped , if the laws for them are like NY, because you will be locked into roadways- no sidewalks/bikepaths/restricted parks.

    The letter-

    Dear.....( Senator/ Assemblyman/ Assemblywoman/ governor, name of person)

    I was disappointed to see NY's DMV ban on motor assisted bicycles. This is unlike other states and the federal guidelines on motor assited bikes.
    I would love to commute to work at times, but the effort level for me (I'm 62) precludes that. Unless I could get motor assist.
    The newer motors for biles (meeting the California Board standards) are very environmental friendly, with milage between 100 to 200 mpg, polute much less than cars do, using a tenth or so the amount of fuel, thus conserving that resource. Very green frienndly.

    Please consider sponsoring or aiding in legalizing standards in New York for motor assisted bicycles.

    Many states (and countries) establish a 50cc size limit for gas engines and set a wattage standard for electric (1500 watts would be good). Plus a maximum speed of 30 mph would be reasonable, a helmet requirement and a minimum age to operate.
    Please specify motor assisted bikes as having the same access of usage as non-assisted bicycles. Such as on sidewalks/bike paths/walkways/ wide shoulders of roads and in parks and wilderness areas, as these are the very safest places to ride.

    Please keep the assisted-bike designation separate and apart from mopeds, as mopeds require VIN numbers and are required to use road lanes only- the most dangerous place to be on a bike- especially in the citys.

    This change would not only reduce pollution and auto conjestion (certainly not much at first) but is a future-oriented way of improving access to fittness and exercize for many more people, that is quite enjoyable.

    I would be delighted to answer any questions you might have or help you with this idea.

    Thank you
    My full address
    phone #

    If you guys have any input on this - let me hear it.
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    Very nice! Just need to run a quick spell check and you're all set. (also, it's pedal not "petal" - which will get past the spell check)
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    I think you might mean "motor assisted bicycles" instead of "Pedal"
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    Thanks guys! I will edit the post and get my terms straight in the letter.