If your friend lied to you and made your life hell, would you seek payback?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by willow123, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. willow123

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    He outed me as g*y to many of my classmates during college which progressed estrangement in my relationships. He did it to me after I came out to him when he stopped talking to me and defriended me on Facebook, I said why I think he stopped associating with me despite whole year of hanging out with him and his friends. I think he went too far with rumors. Also when I tried to have a talk with him but did not mean to use violence on him, he exaggerated and lied to Deans of Students and police. I never had problems with two latter because I demonstrated good conduct to Dean's and avoided talking to police. I found new friends but this guy was really a nightmare. How would you react if you were in my situation? Would you use a more drastic and less legal measures to make him understand the consequences of walking over somebody's head?

  2. butre

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    own it, be the *** guy. if you're not ashamed it won't bother you.
  3. jaguar

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    payback time

    by letting people slide you let people believe there are no bad consequences to treating others badly
  4. Fabian

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    Defriending you on Facebook is the most serious crime that requires some very serious punishment. No greater crime exists on this Earth than being defriended on Facebook; on par with a war crime.

    You may have to resort to dragging him the Hague for social reparations.
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    Awesome first post to a motor assisted bicycle forum!!!
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    These are the tiniest of problems.I know you were born into it, but the culture now is largely wussy.It used to be, "action, not words", but now people are brought before a podium to apologize because they look at someone mean or call them a name.Did he slander you?Did he physically assault you?You don't have the "right" to a turmoil-free life, I guarantee you have MUCH more coming when you get out of school.I'll bet the person in question actually has a crappy life, concentrate on your schooling, and thickening your skin.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Do you ride a motorized bike?

    The bigger question is why this would be your first post on a motored bicycle forum?
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    Oh yes, bring back the Good'Ol'Days of the "A-team" when men were men and men solved their issues with guns that had an endless supply of bullets and when real men never lost a drop of blood in a firefight, not to mention jumping a car 80 feet "without wearing seatbelts"; landing on the roof in amongst a shower of sparks, and simply getting out of the car without even so much as a mark on their clothes.

    Those were the Good'Ol'Days.
    Unfortunately, these days, men run to the hospital the moment they get a scratch or a paper cut and some men even wear skirts and drink white wine (in public) - - - heavens above.
  9. butre

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    your parents said it, your grandparents said it, your great grandparents said it, your great great grandparents said it. every single generation thinks the next generation sucks, and it's been that way as far back as written history goes.

    didn't you grow up around the same time hippies were the big thing anyway? that was a real wussy culture
  10. jaguar

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    but its true. the human race is "devolving" not evolving.
    the Justice Department doesn't deliver justice. It's up to you and me to do so.
  11. grinningremlin

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    Sorry, but you're proving the point, if it weren't true you wouldn't be "offened" because of anothers opinion, that is based in fact.There were, and will be, generations that have brought older generations out of their darkages.So the "every single generation thinks the next generation sucks" is moot.
    Are you stating this generation is as tough as the people who lived though the depression?Are you saying those people were as tough as those who cross deserts for a drink of water?Are you saying any of those people were as tough as a Spartan?Do you think any of those people had much time to think about their feelings being hurt?
    Previous generations were tougher, if that offends,...tough.
  12. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I guess the cavemen had it real good then
  13. jaguar

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    they did. all they had to do to get a woman is knock her out and drag her to his corner of the cave!
    now we have to look good, smell good, be nice, have money, and be a fool for the snare of relationship and marriage.
    ha! seriously I didn't say all the history of mankind was devolving.
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    Slander yes, physically assault no. I got out of the school actually and had MORE coming, although not just worse but also better things :) .

    Actually one time I tried to patch up and catch things up with him when his father got on board and tried to get me in real trouble by falsely accusing me of harassment to Police. Police had no any proof but he got them to call me to try to investigate which at that point I was free to refuse to talk to them. Apparently they thought, if I wanted to talk to them, I was stupid enough wanting to talk to their friend, police pal from small town. He even had impudence to email me nastygram with SIGNATURE representing Broyhill Furniture brands (his family now sells cheap furniture made in China) with his cell phone number. Idiot. I ended up my lawyer having sent them a letter that I do not wish contact with them and to cease contacting me. It was big insult. It had nothing to do with stalking. They're just pathetic. If I would like to get back at them, I probably would want to boycott his business. But is it worth any time and effort? This experience kinda pushes me to work harder to better my life and achieve my life much better than theirs. Maybe I can get little revenge by lending one time my help to their competition. As far as I know the parent home company wasn't doing too well and went bankrupt and now they have different owner. Googling the company reveals, that Broyhill furniture used to be good until they sold to Furniture Brands and cheapened them. There is a lot of complaints on the web.
  15. KCvale

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    Hehehe ;-}
    I think the two are related.

    You should look for a *** forum willow as you won't find many sympathetic reactions to a whinny nancy boys facebook social life here.

    Here ya go...


    Heck they even have a song for you.


    Just as a disclaimer, I don't care what people do in private, just keep it there.
  16. willow123

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  17. butterbean

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    I am always a big fan of saying "be proud of who you are", and this situation is a perfect example of why. People can not truly accept you if they don't know who you truly are. They do not reveal their true colors until you reveal yours. The people who can accept you for who you truly are, these are the people who you want to keep in your life. By keeping yourself hidden from the world, not only are you not giving anyone a chance to truly know you, you're actually asking them NOT to accept the real you. And why would you want that? The people who don't accept you for who you truly are, they don't even deserve to be in your life. I'm the type of person that just doesn't care if you like me or not, I'm not going to pretend to be someone else just so you can like me. I have been ridiculed and made fun of and even threatened with violence, and I still will not change. Just be yourself, and show yourself to the world, and you take away their power. If you ever saw the movie 8 Mile (corny pop culture reference I know, but it fits this particular situation) at the end of the movie, there is a big rap battle, and the main character knows everything the other guy is going to say about him, so he goes first and says it about himself. Then it's the other guys turn, and he doesn't have anything he can say, so he loses the battle. He could have repeated what the other guy said about himself, but what would have been the point? His words held no power.
  18. butterbean

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    Also, this is the off-topic thread, so willow has as much right to bring up this topic as anyone else on this forum does. If you don't have something constructive to add to the discussion, perhaps it's best if we keep it to ourselves. Straight people kiss each other and show affection in public all the time, do *** people not have as much right to express themselves publicly as the rest of the world?
  19. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    I agree 100 per cent. Thicker skin is the only thing that will protect you. People are going to say and do all kinds of things, and we have no control over it. We can go cry to our mommies, or we can brush it off and keep moving.
  20. butre

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    You know damn well that the average man isn't written into history books. There are loads of people alive today just as tough as a spartan was, and there were loads of so-called wussies when the spartans were around.

    I'm all for people having thicker skin but saying that feelings are a new thing is legitimately stupid.