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    Recently I purchased this bike, it has an I globalbuy motor, can anyone tell me where I might find replacement parts for this motor??? 2296987-1458250447-864529.jpg

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    It looks like a typical 2-stroke motor. Many companies seem to just buy these motors from China and then add a few things and brand them as their own. I imagine a few companies really do mod the base China motors. As for replacement parts, you can find them easily on eBay (make sure you filter for US sellers) and other vendor sites such as BikeBerry and GasBikes just search for "2-stroke 66cc or 80cc" and then your required part. As for your question regarding peak 2-stroke engine oil, in my 2-stroke and 4-stroke I use cheap Quaker State oil from Menards that lowers the cost per gallon considerably over synthetic and premium brands. I use premium oil when I first started with my 2-stroke but it was too costly and really reduced the $/gallon advantage of these motors. I think a lot of hardcore machinist here would agree that you can use the low price oil and be perfectly fine. Also, 30s-1 gas:eek:il is fine for the 2-stroke. Looks like a nice ride. :)
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    some internal motor parts may be different (search type 'a' and type 'b' pistons to see an example) most parts outside the motor are the same or close enough to work
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    Thank you for the replies, very helpful and well written to boot.